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Writer: Manfred F. DeMartino
Τitle: The New Female Sexuality
Subtitle: The sexual practices and experiences of social nudists, “potential” nudists, and lesbians
Foreword: Albert Ellis
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: The Julian Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1969
Format: 155x233mm
Pages: xv+236; bibliography, 226; subject index, 231; author index, 235
Binding: Cloth in duotone dust jacket designed by Ronald Clyne
Weight: 600gr.
Original price: USD 7.50

Entry No.: 2008044
Entry Date: 28th August 2008


The New Female Sexuality
is the first book to disclose detailed findings (inclusive extensive verbatim responses) based on objective, scientific research relating to the sexual attitudes, practices, experiences, desires, etc., of the female social nudists and “potential” nudists (including a number of lesbians). Moreover, this volume is the first to emphasize and highlight the relationships between various sexual activities (such as masturbation, non-virginity, oral-genital contacts, group sexual behavior, wife-swapping, the experiencing of sexual fantasies, “special” sexual techniques, preferred positions during sexual intercourse, homosexual contacts, extramarital relations, sexual contacts with animals) and feelings of self-esteem and security.

Today’s social scene reflects a marked tendency toward exposure of the human body. This is to exemplified by the widespread employment of topless waitresses in restaurants and night clubs; the clothing fashions of females featuring see-through blouses and dresses; the nonwearing of brassieres; appearances of Hollywood stars in nude movie scenes; displays of nudity in numerous advertisements; and the recent rash of Broadway and 0ff-Broadway plays in which not only the actors appear totally nude, but the members of the audience also join in and disrobe completely. On the psychological scene there has been a new emphasis on nudity, particularly in regard to psychotherapy in which it has been used effectively, especially in California.

This book is part of a series dealing with the relationships between the sexual behavior patterns of different types of females and certain personality characteristics. Female social nudists and “potential” nudists with whom this book is mainly concerned comprise one segment of the author’s large sample of females on which data relating to sexuality have been gathered. The total group of subjects consists of females from various walks of life.

In addition to revealing many important and fascinating points of information concerning the sexual experiences and needs of female social nudists, et al, the findings presented in this book indicate that during the past decade or so the attitudes of women toward sex have changed considerably. Females now feel much freer in discussing and disclosing their sexual desires, practices and experiences. This change has necessitated and updating of the presently available statistics on female sexual behavior. Because of this, the monumental study by A. C. Kinsey, W. B. Pomeroy, C. E. Martin and P. H. Gebhard published in 1953, can no longer be viewed as statistically representative of present-day sexual for the female.

At present there are no established statistical norms for female sexual behavior in our American society. When the data in this volume are properly evaluated, it will be seen that the percentage figures with respect to sexual activities will be appreciably different than those reported by Kinsey et al. In terms of what is apparent (especially in view of the relationships between different sexual practices and levels of self-esteem and security), many of the sexual acts, etc., which formerly were considered to be “abnormal” or perverted may no longer be perceived in such a manner. There are many important implications herein which psychotherapists, clinicians, marriage counselors, medical practitioners and persons interested in sex education should find particularly valuable.

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