Thursday, 26 February 2015


ISBN-10: 0-87477-030-X
Writers: Jordan and Margaret Paul
Title: Free To love
Subtitle: Creating and Sustaining Intimacy in Marriage
Language: English
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, CA
Publisher: J.P. Tarcher, Inc.
Distributor: Hawthonr Books of New York
Year of Publication: 1975
Format: 130x210mm
Pages: x+145
Illustrations: six single colour of the writers on back dust jacket
Binding: cloth spine and yellow boards in duotone dust jacket designed by Dave McMaken
Original Price: USD6.95
Entry No: 2015009
Entry Date: 26th February 2015


(From the Foreword)  "Married couples don't usually share their realtionships with others, but as marriage counselors we listen daily to what other couples have to say. We have seen how their rewards and difficulties are in large part similar to one another's and to our own, and have discovered how helpful it can be when we openly share our marital experiences with them. And we have found ways to work on our conflicts and maintain our in-love feelings for each other, we believe we have found ways to help others do the same."

The focus of FREE TO LOVE is on creating and sustaining intimacy in marriage. Rather than discussing intimacy in the abstract, the Pauls share intimate moments from their own marriage in a series of dramatic pieces delaing with taking and sharing responsibility, controversies over finances and friends, the effect of children on their relationship, the struglle to control one another's behavior, sexual frustrations and satisfactions, mutual respect and self-respect.

In each piece they reveal thoughts and feelings that most husbands and wives keep to themselves and which, unshared and unresolved, destroy the intimate communication which could enrich and sustain a relationship.

The Pauls deal with their experiences with simplicity and extraordinary frankness. Their struggle to make their relationship work creates an exciting potential for any two people living together inside marriage or out.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Writer: Ira L. Reiss
Title: Premarital Sexual Standards in America
Subtitle: A Sociological Investigation of the Relative Social and Cultural Integration of American Sexual Standards
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, NY, and London
Publisher: The Free Press of Glencoe Collier-Macmillan Limited
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 130x210mm (trimmed)
Pages: 286
Cover design: Ellen Raskin
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers 
Original price: USD1.95
Entry No: 2015008
Entry Date: 25th February 2015


The wealth of recent material on American sexual behavior testifies to our changing codes and mores-and to the resulting confusion. This is the first study to spotlight sexual standards in America, the standards that underly our actions.

The author's style is at once lively and faultlessly objective. He reveals the four major sexual standrds in the country-abstinence, the double standard, permissiveness without affection, and permissiveness with affection-and their relative integration into American culture. He examines their physiological basis and their historical and religious background.

Proceeding to such phenomena as romantic love, the urban-industrial revolution, and the triumph of feminism, he clearly demosntrates the divergence between ideals, standards, and actual behavior.

Premarital Sexual Standards in America is a book that offers profound insight into sexual behavior, the standards that regulate it, and the most likely future course of our most intimate activities.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4767-3253-4
Writer: Daniel Stern 
Title: Swingland
Subtitle: Between the Sheets of the Secretive, Sometimes Messy, but Always Adventurous Swinging Lifestyle
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Publisher: Touchstone/A Division of Simon & Shuster, Inc.
Year of Publication: 2013
Format: 143x220mm
Pages: xiv+296
Illustrations: one single colour of the writer on back flap by Cheryl Christensen
Jacket Photographs: Andrea Guardavilla
Binding: red boards in colour dust jacket designed by Laurie Carkeet
Original Price: USD26.00 / CAD29.99
Entry No: 2015007
Entry Date: 25th February 2015


A wry and revealing story of one man's jourrney into the swinger lifestyle that pulls back the curtain on one of our most fascianting - amd private- subcultures.

An estimated fifteen million strong worldwide, swingers are everywhere -a huge community hiding in plain sight whose erotic pastime remains a complete mystery to the rest of us. In Swingland, Daniel Stern outs himself and the secretive society he loves, recounting his transformation from a bumbling neophyte terrified of all things carnal into a veteran sexual adventurer.

Once confined to suburban key parties and private clubs, "swinging" has transformed, via the Internet, into a free-for-all. Today only a few mouse clicks locates your perfect couple (or couples), far easier and less riskily than ever before (no worrying about running into them at PTA meetings). There are plenty of bumps and bruises along the way for Stern, including countless rejections, missed opportunities, and one particular AARP orgy. But slowly and surely, through an impressive series of threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes, this "Vanilla" newbie becomes a much sought-after partner for couples looking to spice up their relationships. During his exploits, he learns a whole new lexicon (there aren't many single women swingers, or "Unicorns,", but plenty of MFMs, FMFs, MFMFs, and GBs), as well as invaluable advice (be honest, open, and know your limits).

But Swingland is much moret than a titillating expose. Stern's wit and infectious enthusiasm make Swingland as improbably safe as it is fun -and impossible to put down. All are welcome, but bring flip-flops (it can get messy).

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


ISBN-10: 0-85149-140-6
Writer: Henry J. Sackerman
Title: The Westbank Group
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Arlington Books (Publishers) Ltd
Year of Publication: 1971
Format: 133x224mm
Pages: 245
Binding: red boards in colour dust jacket
Original Price: GBP2.00
Entry No: 2015006
Entry Date: 17th February 2015


What happens when seven hip young men and women decide to marry - really  marry - each other?

What is it like to have three wives?

What is it like to have four husbands?

The Westbank Group finds out.

It's all legal, all very real, and it begins when Paul kramcheck attends a lecture on group marriage and discovers that the Charles S. Maywood Foundation of Illinois is willing to sponsor such a venture sicne it feels that monogamy in modern America is a failure.

Paull accepts the idea enthusiastically and he nad his gpretty blonde girlfriend, Carol, set out to do some serious recruiting. The first addition to their menage is Paul's best frend Mike Wolf.

Mike is an easy covert,  but he is in love with Nada, who is willing... but only if Bill will come along. Bill is fond enough of Nada, but he doesn't think much of the idea of marrying six other people. The only way to persuade him is to introduce him to the pleasures of group sex in a campaign of seduction worked out by the Maywood Foundation's resident psychologist.

From this point on, the action becomes complex, involving the reader in an experience unique in modern fiction.

This American bestseller reveals the conflict of the future as it deals with life in a seven-person household. What, for instance, will be done about children? What about earning a living?  What about the possibility that two of the partners might fall conventionally in love and want to be alone now and then or have exclusive rights to each other?  These are all faced and all answered by the Westbank Group in a marriage that is filled with the rapture of a multi-faceted love.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


ISBN-10: 0-06-041114-7
Writer: Edgar W. Butler
Title: Traditional Marriage and Emerging Alternatives
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, Hagerstown, Philadelphia, San Francisco, London
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1979
Format: 190x240mm
Pages: xii+465
Illustrations: 111 single colour line drawings, pictures, plates and tables
Cover illustration:Helen Iranyi
Binding: hardback in colour printed wrappers
Original Price: N/A
Entry Date: 2015005
Entry Date: 9th February 2015


ISBN-13: 978-0-19-977792-1
Writer: Eric Anderson
Title: The Monogamy Gap
Subtitle: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 2012
Format: 160x242mm
Pages: xii+231 printed on acid-free paper
Cover photograph: istockphoto
Binding: hardback in colour dust jacket designed by Lisa Force
Original Price: N/A
Entry Date: 2015004
Entry Date: 9th February 2015


Whether straight or gay, most men start their relationships desiring monogamy. This is rooted in the pervasive notion that monogamy exists as a sign of true love. yet despite this deeply held cultural ideal, cheating remains rampant. In this accessible book, Eric Anderson investigates why 78% of men he interviewed have cheated despite their desire not to.

Combining 120 interviews with research from the fields of sociology, biology, and psychology. Anderson identifies cheating as a product of wanting emotional passion for one's partner, along with a steadily growing desire for emotionally detached recreational sex with others. Anderson coins the term "the monogamy gap" to describe this phenomenon. He suggests that monogamy is an irrational ideal because it fails to fulfill a lifetime of sexual desires. Cheating therefore becomes the rational response to an irrational situation.

The Monogamy Gap draws on a range of couples, theories, and disciplines to highlight the biological compulsion of our sexual urgesm the social construction of the monogamous ideal, and the devastating chasm that lies between them. Whether single or married, monogamous or open, straight or gay, readers will find The Monogamy Gap to be an enlightenning, intellectually compelling, and provocative book.