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ISBN-10: N/A
Writer: Gilbert D. Bartell
Group Sex
Subtitle: An Eyewitness Report On The American Way Of Swinging
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
New American Library
Year of Publication: 1971
Format: 106x177mm (trimmed)
Pages: 224; ; References Cited, 220; Index, 222
Binding: Paperback in  duotone printed wrappers
Weight: 136gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No: 2011025
Entry Date: 2nd December 2011


Gilbert D. Bartell, Ph.D., set out to uncover the truth about swinging in America, and the truth turned out to be beyond anyone’s most lurid fantasies. Dr. Bartell and his wife answered the ads in underground magazines and placed ads of their own. They went to swingers, bars, small parties, large-scale orgies. They conducted intimate interviews with swingers of all types under the most favorable conditions. The result is the first book ever to truly take you inside the swinging scene and bring you face-to-face with the men and women whose growing ranks are revolutionizing sex in every part of our country today.


Editor: Edward M. Brecher
Love, Sex, and Aging
Subtitle: A Consumers Union Report
Language: English
Place of Publication: Boston, Toronto
Little, Brown and Company
Year of Publication: 1984
Format: 159x240mm
Pages: 441; Index, 431
Jacket Design: Steve Snider
Binding: Red cloth spine and blue boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 764gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No: 2011024
Entry Date: 2nd December 2011


Love, Sex, and Aging
is a comprehensive study of the sexual attitudes and activities of Americans over 50. To prepare this report — five years in the making— Consumers Union, the nation’s most respected information organization for consumers, has assembled personal experiences and statistical data from 4,246 men and women.

Most of the these 4,246 respondents have been married for more than thirty years, and most to their first spouse; others are widowed, divorced, remarried, or never married. What these women and men have to say about their experiences and feelings since age 50 is frequently surprising, sometimes astonishing, and almost always reassuring. Their observations put an end to the stereotype of the aging as lonely, unhappy, and sexually inactive or frustrated. Without understating the very real problems faced by older people, this book affirms that life can be highly enjoyable, socially rewarding, and sexually fulfilling from age 50 into the 80s and perhaps beyond.

The provocative and wide-ranging comments from respondents add a special quality to the statistical data. The depth of feeling, humor and openness will help readers appreciate the broad panorama of life as it is actually being lived by many older American nowadays.

Based on responses to detailed questionnaires, Love, Sex, and Aging is replete with practical information and sound advice on sexuality in the later years. The advice comes directly from respondents themselves, as well as from Consumers Union’s medical and psychological consultants.

Most respondents in this study were born during the same era (1905-1924) in which most participants in the celebrated Kinsey reports were born. The sexual activities engaged in since age 50 by today’s respondents are as unexpected as were the findings with which Kinsey startled the world decades ago.

Rich in fresh insights, broad in coverage, and sound in methodology, Love, Sex, and Aging is sure to take its place alongside the Kinsey reports and other classic studies of human sexuality.

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ISBN-13: 978-3-936709-37-7
Title: History of German Porn
Subtitle: Gretchen Kraut Collection
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
Place of Publication: Frankfurt/Main
Publisher: Goliath Verlag GmbH
Year of Publication: 2011
Format: 112x180mm
Pages: 272
Illustrations: 250 black and white plates and pictures
Binding: Paperback in flex cover
Weight: 419r.
Price: € 19.90
Entry No.: 2011023
Entry Date: 23rd November 2011


Among all peoples Germans are not exactly famous for pleasure, passion and fun. Antique Roman writer Tacitus describes them as a tough and wild folk running naked through the wilderness. Several centuries later, they wear lederhosen, eat Schnitzel and drive unkaputtable cars. But that’s not the whole story.

Like all nations Germans have dirty secrets – they love porn!

This stunning collection from the Gretchen Kraut Archives gathers amazing vintage photos from the early days of porn photography in the 19th century to the lascivious Twenties, from the crazy 1930s to the Swinging Sixties.

Learn about the good old days when images of sex and nudity were sensational and bold, playful and provocative, hot and forbidden.

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ISSN: 1043-4070
Τitle: Journal of the History of Sexuality, Volume 15, Number 2, May 2006
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Editor: Mathew Kuefler
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A
Format: 152x227mm (trimmed)

Pages: iv+186 single colour including duotone covers (volume continuous pagination)
Illustrations: 4 black and white pictures
Front Cover Photo: Sharon Alston, My bloody hand, watercolor, 1977
Frequency: Three times annually in January, May , and September
Βinding: Square-bound glued spine
Weight: 266gr.
Single Copy: USD40.00 (Institutions) • USD19.00 (Individuals)
Subscription rates (3 issues): USD150.00 (Institutions)• (Individuals) USD43.00


(iv) Editor’s Note by Mathew Kuefler
(167) Chaussons in the Streets: Sodomy in Seventeenth-Century Paris by Jeffrey Merrick
(204) Infidelity and the Presidio Captain: Adultery and Honor in the Lives of María Rosa Tato y Anza and José Antonio Vildósola, Sonora, New Spain, 1769-1783 by Carlos Herrera
(228) “One Yank and They’re Off”: Interaction between U.S. Troops and Northern Irish Women, 1942-1945 by Leanne McCormick
(258) Perversion for Profit: Citizens for Decent Literature and the Arousal of an Antiporn Public in the 1960s by Whitney Strub
(272) Spiral Women: Locating Lesbian Activism in New Zealand Feminist Art, 1975-1992 by Judith Collard
(321)  Perilous Performances: Gender and Regency in Early Modern France by Katherine Crawford (book review by Suzanne Desan
(325) Pornography, The Theory: What Utilitarianism Did to Action by Frances Ferguson (book review by Michelle Chilcoat)
(330) Colonizing Sex: Sexology and Social Control in Modern Japan by Sabine Frühstück (book review by Elise K. Tiptan)
(333) Masculinities without Men? Female Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Fictions by Jean Bobby Noble (book review by Donna McCormack)
(338) American Sexual Character: Sex, Gender, and National Identity in the Kinsey Reports by Miriam G. Reumann (book review by Sherry J. Katz)
(343) Venereal Disease, Hospitals and the Urban Poor: London’s “Foul Wards,” 1600-1800 by Kevin P. Siena (book review by Alexandra M. Lord
(345) Fragile Scholar: Power and Masculinity in Chinese Culture by Geng Song (book review by Jennifer W. Jay)
(348) Books of Critical Interest
(350) Guidelines for Contributors
(352) Notes on Contributors

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Editor: Philip Nobile
The New Eroticism
Subtitle: Theories, Vogues and Canons
Introduction: Philip Nobile
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: New York
Random House, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1970
Format: 145x218mm
Pages: xii+240
Jacket Design: Bob Cuevas
Binding: Cloth spine and boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 500gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No: 2011020
Entry Date: 25th October 2011


“There is no effective sexual calculus, no social science to measure sexual change,” Philip Nobile writes. “And the available evidence on the so-called sex revolution is purely circumstantial.” We are obviously in a period of experimentation in this area-some of it directed toward an attempt to redefine our habits and needs. Much of the writing in this volume describes various facets of the current scene, guesses at the future, and analyzes the implications of the new freedoms of choice. But implicit even there are the deeper questions that emerge out of the work of such men as Norman O. Brown and Herbert Marcuse that ponder not only our history of sexual mores but what it means to be a sexual human being.

Professors Brown and Marcuse are represented by excerpts from Life Against Death and Eros and Civilization; they resurrect the body and abolish repression in a reinterpretation of Freud. The essays that follow, with their descriptions of the new styles and new standards in sexual behavior, demonstrate the connection between changing consciousness and society’s views and the actng out (or stamping out) of certain sexual impulses. E.J. Hobsbawn discusses the connection between modern political and sexual revolutions.

The next group is led off by Ernest Becker’s “Everyman as Pervert” and Thomas Nigel’s “Sexual Pervesrion,” two philosophic articles that recount and criticize the clichés about what constitutes sexual perversion. This is followed by  decriptions of some things that pass for perversion: voyeurism (by Dorothy Kalins); “The New Homosexuality,” by Tom Burke; “Naked Therapy,” by Paul Bindrim; body painting (by Joe Mancini).

Literature and pornography are treated by George Steiner and Kenneth Tynan. There are articles on the enormously successful Playboy and Screw, and Jeremy Bugler writes about sex in advertising in “The Sex Sell.”

The performing arts are victims of creeping sex. Robert Craft covers topless Hollywood girls and other phenomena, such as Oh!Calcutta!, and there are comments on Che, Sex Rock, and “Pop Sex” – the last, a sex mores fantasy by Craig Karpel.

Charles Winick takes a dismal view of the decline of libido in “The Desexualized Society,” and Dan Greenburg lampoons the sex-lab technique in “Was It Good for You, Too?,” a satire on the Johnson-Masters experiments.

Two interpretations clash on female orgasm: Susan Lydon’s “Liberating Woman’s Orgasm” and Leslie Farber’s “The Traditional O.”

Derek Wright in “Sex: Instinct or Appetite?” argues that there is a profound, necessary, and needed connection between sex and affection.

The New Eroticism is a serious and comic anthology of readings on the sex revolution –which asks the question whether our sexual government has been overthrown and a radical new consciousness achieved or whether we are merely writing new stage directions for the same old play.


Editors: Ruth and Edward Brecher
An Analysis of Human Sexual Response
Introduction: Ruth and Edward Brecher
Language: English
Edition: Second Impression, May 1967
Place of Publication: London
Andre Deutsch Limited
Year of Publication: 1967
Format: 141x222mm
Pages: xiv+318; Bibliography of Dr. William H. Masters and his Associates, 313
Binding: Green cloth in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 545gr.
Price: 42s
Entry No: 2011019
Entry Date: 25th October 2011


No medical book has caused a greater stir among laymen than Human Sexual Response by Dr William H Masters and Mrs Virginia A. Johnson. It described research which was a landmark in its field: for the first time laboratory study had been made of human beings in sexual action. The physical responses of 382 women and 312 men had been observed and analysed, with findings of the first importance to the understanding of such matters as male and female orgasm, frigidity, impotence, contraception, sterility, sex during pregnancy and sex in middle and old age.

The present book is in four parts. The Work of Masters and Johnson is an easily understood account of the purposes of the research, the way in which the Masters-Johnson team went about it, the problems it encountered, and what its results were; Other Sex Research relates it to the findings of other scientists; Practical Applications of Sex Research deals with its uses in marriage counseling, sex education and the treatment of sex difficulties; and Sex Research and Our Culture presents the pros and cons of such studies in relation to society in general.

Ruth and Edward Brecher and the team of experts assembled by them have produced a book full of information and insights rarely available outside the closed circuit of medical journals. They offer the general reader a sounder and deeper understanding of sexual processes than has ever been available in the past.

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Writers:Simon Szreter and Kate Fisher
Title: Sex Before the Sexual Revolution

Subtitle: Intimate Life in England 1918-1963
Language: English
Place of Publication: Cambridge
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year of Publication: 2011
Format:152x226mm (trimmed)
Pages: viii+466; Bibliography, 421: Index, 445
Cover Illustration: Charlie (born 1901, a factory storeman) and Ethel (born 1911, a bookkeeper) of Paddington, in the mid-1930s before their marriage in 1937 (author’s family photograph)
Cover Design: Jackie Taylor
Binding: Paperback in sepia toned wrappers
Weight: 742gr.
Price: GBR 19.99
Entry No.: 2011021
Entry Date: 4th November 2011


What did sex mean for ordinary people before the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, who were often pitied by later generations as repressed, unfulfilled and full of moral anxiety? This book provides the first rounded, first-hand account of sexuality in marriage in the early and mid-twentieth century. These award-winning authors look beyond conventions of silence among the respectable majority to challenge stereotypes of ignorance and inhibition. Based on vivid, compelling and frank testimonies from a socially and geographically diverse range of individuals, the book explores a spectrum of sexual experiences, from learning about sex and sexual practices in courtship, to attitudes to the body, marital ideals and birth control. It demonstrates that while the era's emphasis on silence and strict moral codes could for some be a source of inhibition and dissatisfaction, for many the culture of privacy and innocence was central to fulfilling and pleasurable intimate lives.

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Writer: Nigel Yates
Love Now, Pay Later?
Subtitle:  Sex and religion in the fifties and sixties
Preface: Nigel Yates and Paula Yates
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Year of Publication: 2010
Format: 151x235x6mm (trimmed)
Pages: x+198 printed on paper from sustainable forests; Appendices, 155; Notes, 161; Further reading and viewing, 183; Index, 193
Illustrations: 7 black and white pictures and 9 single colour tables
Cover Design: Sarah Smith
Cover Image: Lady Chatterley©Hulton Archive / Getty Images
Binding: Paperback in duotone wrappers
Weight: 338gr.
Entry No.: 2011018
Entry Date: 20th October 2011


‘Nigel Yates’s last book is a brilliant re-examination of the myth of the Swinging Sixtiesˮ. With his customary assiduity, he has assembled a remarkable range of evidence exploring the connections between public opinion, church influence, permissive legislation, and the cultural and social changes of the era which altered the landscape of modern Britain. In a finely balanced conclusion, he challenges the conventional view of the 1950s as the last flourish of a puritanical religious moralism, and shows how religious opinion lay as much on the side of progressive change as against it. This is a worthy memorial to the life and work of an outstanding scholar.’
Jeremy Morris, Dean of Trinity Hall, Cambridge

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ISBN-10: 0-9637033-2-3
Title: Viva la Vulva
Subtitle: Women’s Sex Organs Revealed
Genre: Erotic Sex Ed, colour

Language: English
Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: NTSC, VHS
Location: New York, N.Y.
Writer & Director: Betty Dodson
Producers: Bety Dodson & Alex Bruskin
Camera and Editing: Catherine McCarthy
Still Photography and Lighting: Corrie Demers
Sound: Jennifer Martinez
Male-Up Artist: Carrie Karval
Teleprompter: Starla Muraz
Compamy: Evolution Film & Tape, Inc.

Film Director: Betty Dodson
Region: 1

No. of Discs: 1 videocassette in original colour paper box. Slipped in are two press release sheets for this film, folded and a little browning.
Classification: Unrated
Film Year: 1998
Running Time: 0:53:00
Product Code: 7 64334 09083 9
Original Price: USD 39.95 + 3.00 for handling and priority mail shipping

Entry No.: 2011005
Entry Date: 29th September 2011


Join Betty  and ten other women to celebrate 25 years of her pioneering work to reveal the beauty of women’s genitals. In 1973, she began her Bodysex workshops where Genital Show & Tell became a powerful healing process. From those days to the present, Betty has sat alongside thousands of women teaching them to appreciate the unique design and function of their vulvas. Positive genital imagery, she believes, is a cornerstone of self-acceptance and sexual growth.

Now observe this group of courageous women, ages 25 to 68, gathered to honor
women’s sex organs with intimate images of their own vulvas. Hear women speak about the relationship they have with their genitals. Watch them trimming and shaping their pubic hair in preparation for their pussy portraits, then the actual photo session, followed by their own artwork inspired by the photos. See the diagrams of the whole clitoris from A New View of A Woman’s Body. Follow along as Betty guides the women through her ten suggested steps for genital self-massage. Become part of this joyful group in applauding the diversity of Mother Nature’s most exquisite work of art, the divine vulva.

While the other women observe, Betty Dodson points out the individual design of each vulva in the spot light. A Classical cunt with perfect proportions, a Gothic vulva with cathedral shaped arches, a Baroque Pussy with elaborate drapery and an Art Deco yoni with graceful fluted lines. The variation and diversity is like snowflakes: No two vulvas are ever identical.


ISBN-10: 0-520-03657-3
Writer: Deborah Goleman Wolf
Title: The Lesbian Community
Language: English
Place of Publication: Berkeley, Losa Angeles, London
Publisher: University of California Press
Year of Publication: 1979
Format: 142x221mm
Pages:x+196; Bibliography, 177; Index, 191
Illustrations: 14 black and white pictures
Binding: Blue cloth without dust jacket
Weight: 423gr.
Original Price: N/A
Entry No.: 2011017
Entry Date: 29th September 2011


An examination of a community of lesbian women in San Francisco, beginning with fieldwork experience and a review of the literature, through socio-historical background, the community, community projects, lesbian mothers, and world view.

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Τitle: Evergreen Review, Volume 12, Number 56, July 1968
Publisher: Evergreen Review, Inc., New York
Editor: Barney Rosset
Managing Editor: Fred Jordan
Associate Editors: Donald Allen, Marilynn Meeker, Richard Seaver
Contributing Editors: John Lahr, Jack Newfield
Assistant Editor: Helen Brown
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 210x277mm (trimmed)

Pages: 98 single colour including duotone covers
Illustrations: 90+duotone and black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Scene from Vilgot Sj
öman's I Am Curious -Yellow
Frequency: Monthly
Βinding: Square-bound glued spine
Weight: 244gr.
Single Copy: USD 1.00
Subscription rates (12 issues): USD 9.00  • (24 issues) USD 16.00


(12) Letters to the Editor
(15) The Tattooed Wife by Aki Tanino
(19) I Was Curious by Vilgot Sjöman
(23) Sex and Politics: An Interview with Vilgot Sjöman by John Lahr
(27) Three Poems by Tam Fiofori
(29) Wife in the Saddle by Goffredo Parise
(33)The Theater’s Voluptuary Itch by John Lahr
(35) Psychedelic Burlesque! by Mary Ellen Mark
(45) Al Fatah Speaks: A Conversation with “Abu Amar” by Abdullah Schleifer
(47) Peace is a Duty in the Near east as in Vetnam by Pierre Mendès France
(49) Behold the New Journalism – It’s Coming After You! by Nat Hentoff
(53) The Story by Tom Stoppard
(55) Prick Lore by Edward Field
(57) The Magical Mystery Trip by Timothy Leary
(63) Due Apologies from Behind the Wheel of a Big VS by Jean-Francis Held
(66) Vietnam Déjà Vu: A Film Review of Goddard’s La Chinoise by Lisa Eliscu


ISBN-13: 978-0-8133-4248-1
Writer: Rodger Streitmatter
Title: Sex Sells!
Subttile: The Media’s Journey from Repression to Obsession
Language: English
Place of Publication: Cambridge, MA
Publisher: Westview Press, A Member of the Perseus Books Group
Year of Publication: 2004
Format: 151x232mm
Pages:xix+283 printed on alk. Paper; Notes, 247; Index, 273
Illustrations: 1 colour picture by Jeff Watts on the back flap; more illustrations are available at the writer's homepage
Jacket Design: Wendy Halitzer
Binding: Boards  in colour dust jacket
Weight: 559gr.
Original Price: USD 26.00 / 36.95 (Canada)
Entry No.: 2011016
Entry Date: 22nd August 2011


In 1953 Lucille Ball became pregnant, the censors required the characters on I Love Lucy  to say only that the wacky redhead was “in the family way.: The feared the word “pregnant” might conjure up, in the minds of viewers, images of a man and woman having sexual intercourse. Now, some fifty years later, from giant billboards featuring nearly nude models in Times Square to Bill Clinton’s creative definition of sex to Madonna and Britney’s prime-time kiss, sex pervades virtually every aspect of public life. What happened?

Sex Sells! Illuminates this arc from repression to obsession, showing how sexual mores have changed during the last five decades. Not only does the authpr examine the broad range of media genres that have reflected this libidinous journey, but he also shows how the media have played a leading role in propelling the Sexual Revolution. Streitmatter argues that much of the media’s sexual content is actually beneficial, because it gives parents and educators a way to broach difficult subjects like AIDS, sexual identity, and appropriate sexual behavior.

In our age of continuing sexual liberation, such a clear understanding of the sometimes cynical, sometimes idealistic history behind the “sexing-up” of America is more important than ever before.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


ISBN-13: 978-0-465-03020-0
Writer: Vern L. Bullough
Title: Science In The Bedroom
Subttile: A History of Sex Research
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: BasicBooks, A Division of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1994
Format: 157x240mm
Pages:viii+376;Notes 301; Index, 361
Illustrations: 1 single colour  on back flap by Andrea Sperling/FPG
Jacket Design: Paul Gamarello
Binding: Cloth spine and boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 780gr.
Original Price: USD 25.00
Entry No.: 2011015
Entry Date: 2nd August 2011


From the first serious sex research study ever undertaken (in France with a group of prostitutes in 1830) to the work of Masters and Johnson in our own day, sex research has been a field mired in controversy. Science in the Bedroom shows how, for most of its history and in whatever country it has been undertaken, sex research has been driven by forces outside itself. Among those forces have been groups marginalized as deviant, including homosexuals, free-love advocates, and feminists; courts and governments in search of independent data to support public morality standards; the desires of women for safe and effective contraceptive devices freely disseminated; the desire of doctors to medicalize all sex research and to view only the research that produces treatment therapies as valuable; and the fears of public funding institutes that their images  will be sullied if they support independent sex research. The book traces how this moral overtone led the Rockefeller family to support sex research and how their money led to basic scientific  breakthroughs in the 1920s and 1930s, culminating in the Kinsey studies. The backlash was so great, however, that the Rockefeller Foundation dropped its sex studies.

Based on archival sources and extensive personal interviews, Science in the Bedroom celebrates the lives and work of the major figures who risked their academic reputations to work ina stigmatized field. Vern L. Bullough emphasizes the difficulty of researching sex, since it involves not only biology but psychology, sociology, anthropology, history literature, and a variety of professions, including medicine, religion, law, nursing, and social work. Containing fascinating new material on the efforts of a group of turn-of-the-century German homosexuals to decriminalize homosexuality, and on such important but largely forgotten female sex researchers as Katherine Bement Davis and Clelia Mosher, the book credits courageous homosexuals and feminists for much of the best early work.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


ISSN: 1047-4463
ISBN-10: 0-9629659-4-4

Τitle: Gauntlet, Number 5, 1993
Subtitle: Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression
Publisher: Gauntlet, Inc., Springfield, PA
Editor-In-Chief: Barry Hoffman
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 151x234mm (trimmed)

Pages: 192 single colour printed on newsprint excluding colour covers

Illustrations: 197 black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Jeff Vaughn of Dian Hanson
Frequency: Twice a year (November and May)
Βinding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Weight: 224gr.

Single Copy: USD 9.95 / CAD 11.85
Subscription rates (2 issues): USD 22.00


(5) Editorial Meanderings by Barry Hoffma
(8) Openers
(11) Spike Lee: Bourgeois Boor by Mark Di lonno
(18) Madonna Exposed by David Aaron Clark
(24) Whut’s Smut? by Robert Gregory
(29) What’s Porn To You Is… by Bill Paige
(34) “S” Is For “Stoopid”: A Modest Proposal by John Skipp & Craig Spector
(42) Art, Porn And NC-17 by Skipp & Spector
(44) N.O.E.U. 2088 by Michael Taylor
(46) Above The Law: The Justice Department’s War Against The First Amendment by Marjorie Heins
(59) The Arguments Against Pornography by Jim Bramlett
(62) Reflections Of A Feminist Porn Star by Nina Hartley
(69) Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout Suffering by Rhonda Nettles
(72) “Omaha” The Cat Dancer by  Kate Worley
(78) Pornography’s Victims by Phyllis Schlafly
(82) Porn: The Patient Prostitute by Bob Fahey Jr.
(84) I Fought The Law… And The Law Lost by J. L. Wahl
(90) The Wit And Wisdom Of Al Goldstein by Don Vaughan
(96) Pornography: A Poisonous Tentacle by J. Marshall Newton
(99) An Interview With Candida Royalle by Don Vaughan
(108) The Crockless Panters Of Utah by Ken Rand
(111) Billy Bear’s Take On The Bundy Affair by Joseph P. Cunningham
(114) F.O.X.E. On The F.E.B.A.  by Joseph P. Cunningham
(118) Sex, Smears, And Feminists by Bobby Lilly
(123) Interview With Annie Sprinkle by David Aaron Clark
(131) Adult Cinema 101: XXX’s Top 10 by Randy Lee Payton
(134) Madt Marx by Russ Miller
(136) The Mastur Race: Dian Hanson interview by Mark Kramer
(140) Adult Video News To The Media: Shove It! by Mark Kernes
(145) Fetish by Andrew Wahl
(146) The Chilling Effect On Corporate Extortion On The Arts by Ed Cafasso
(155) Megaton Man Is On Patrol! by Don Simpson
(163) Gary Groth On The Complete Crumb: Where’s A Good Censor When You Really Need One? by Steve Ringgenberg
(167) Do You Believe In Magic… Johnson That is? by Mark Di lonno
(170) Those That Devour Children: A Visit With H. R. Giger by Steven Johnson
(175) The History Of The World And My “Stinking Ass” by Adam Alexander
(178) Lie Down With Us by Thomas Tessier

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Writer: Vern L. Bullough
Title: The History of Prostitution
Language: English
Place of Publication: New Hyde Park, New York
Publisher: University Books
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 156x238mm
Pages:ix+304;Notes, 263; Appendix I, 287; Appendix II, 293; Index, 297
Illustrations: 2 single colour (dust jacket)
Binding: Purple cloth in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 744gr.
Original Price: USD 7.50
Entry No.: 2011014
Entry Date: 12th July 2011

Prostitution, like the weather, has often been talked about, but very rarely has any scholar bothered to do any research on the topic. Few serious studies on prostitution have been undertaken by social scientists over the past fifty years. Although an occasional sociologist, psychiatrist, or anthropologist has concerned himself, the historian has totally neglected the subject. As a result this book is the first attempt at a serious history of prostitution in English in this century. Despite a lack of historical monographs, there is both a demand and a need for studies on the topic. This is evidenced by the fact that bookstores still sell and libraries still stock the work of the American, W.W. Sanger, who wrote before the Civil War. Despite its inadequacies the Sanger work has been almost continuously reprinted, without any revision, since it first appeared. Yet Sanger made no real effort to be objective but instead made a plea for the legalization of prostitution.

Dr. Bullough  starts with an all-encompassing definition of prostitution, includes a short discussion on primate behavior, and then carries the story from primitive societies to contemporary times. In each chapter he examines the general attitude of the period toward women, the place of sex in society, and the extent and nature of prostitution. There is a long section on religion in which Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian and Taoist ideas on sex and prostitution are examined. From such an examination it becomes apparent that while some religions have condemned prostitution and others have condoned it, the prostitute has continued to exist. Perhaps somewhat surprising is the large number of religious writers who in the past have encouraged prostitution. In the concluding section the author discusses the various psychological and sociological explanations of prostitution, summarizes the appearance of the prostitute and prostitution in today’s world. From the last chapters it appears that it is not only historians who have neglected the study of prostitution, but other students of social sciences  as well. As a result the author argues that his study cannot be conceived of as a definitive monograph on prostitution, but rather as laying the foundation for future studies by other scholars. To assist such research the book is well footnoted and indexed, and includes two appendices, one a bibliographical guide to reference works in the field, and the second a list  of euphemisms for prostitute and prostitution which the author encountered in his studies.

The author, Dr. Vern L. Bullough, is a historian who has specialized in the history of medicine and of science. He has published numerous articles primarily on medical history, in various learned journals. He was assisted in his researches by his wife, Bonnie L. Bullough.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


ISBN-10: N/A
Writers: William H. Masters & Virginia E. Johnson
Title: Human Sexual Inadequacy
Preface: W.H.M. & V.E.J.
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: Boston
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year of Publication: 1970
Format: 160x240mm
Pages:x+467; Bibliography, 393; Index, 451
Illustrations: 10 single colour figures and 12 tables
Jacket Design: Richard Emery based on a design by George Price
Binding: Cloth in colour dust jacket
Weight: 1,012gr.
Original Price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2011012
Entry Date: 1st June 2011

The innovative program described in this remarkable book revolutionizes the treatment of sexual dysfunction. During eleven years of daily clinical work, more than five hundred couples have been treated at Masters and Johnson’s Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in St. Louis. Here the marriage relationship itself is the patient. The authors stress that there is no uninvolved partner when sex is a problem. Therefore, they treat both partners even if only one appears to be sexually dysfunctional. And their therapy techniques have proved successful in 80 percent of all cases treated.

The key to this unprecedented record is the role of the dual therapy team; Masters and Johnson have found that it takes both a man and a woman therapist to treat a couple effectively. The dual therapy team acts as a catalyst, encouraging communication between partners when none has existed before. They use both physiological and psychological methods of treating impotence, premature ejaculatory incompetence, premature ejaculation, orgasmic dysfunction in women, vaginismus, and painful intercourse. Basic to all treatment techniques is the premise that attitudes and ignorance rather than any mental or physical illness are responsible for most sexual problems. The two-week rapid-therapy program developed by Masters and Johnson includes both counseling and specific instructions for patients to follow in privacy. All results of success or failure reported in HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY are substantiated by a unique five-year patient follow-up program.

The concept and format of the therapy program are examined in detail in the first two chapters of the book. Included are discussions of the qualifications for cotherapists and accounts of history-taking techniques and roundtable talks held by the cotherapists and the couple. A full description follows of the instructions given by the therapists to effect psychosexual reorientation of the marital partners. Analysis of each type of dysfunction, its progression and manifestations, accompanies the important step-by-step explanation of practical treatment methods. Chapters on sexual function and dysfunction of the geriatric population explain how the aging male and female can function sexually even in their eighties if they learn to adjust their sexual activities to the natural changes of aging. Program statistics and a critical review of treatment failures conclude this landmark book.

Masters and Johnson estimate that one-half of the marriages in the United States are threatened by sexual dysfunction. The exceptionally clear account of their major breakthrough in therapy is a long-needed and invaluable guide to clinical counseling and treatment. In addition, it provides an excellent basis for training programs for professional therapists. HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY, essential reading for all health professionals, introduces a new era in the effective treatment of sexual dysfunction.