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Writers: William H. Masters & Virginia E. Johnson
Title: Human Sexual Response
Preface: William H. Masters & Virginia E. Johnson
Edition: First Edition, Seventh Printing
Language: English
Place of Publication: Boston
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year of Publication: 1966
Format: 135x222mm
Pages: xiiii+366; references, 317; glossary, 337; index, 347
Illustrations: 66 single colour graphs, pictures, sketches and tables
Jacket Design: George Price
Binding: Cloth in colour dust jacket
Weight: 878gr.
Original price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2010040
Entry Date: 24th January 2011


This pioneer volume, the product of 11 years’ research into the anatomy and physiology of human sexual response, represents a major breakthrough in our knowledge of human sexuality. Venturing far beyond the efforts of Freud, Ellis, and Kinsey, Masters and Johnson have been able to record the physical reactions that occur when the human male and female respond to sexual stimulation. Their findings not only set forth some basic, long-needed physiologic and psychologic facts, but disprove many of the fantasies and fallacies about human sexuality that have been disseminated by ignorance, taboo, and pseudoscience throughout the ages. Most of all, however, their work now enables medical and behavioral personnel to cope with the widespread problem of sexual inadequacy. By providing sound scientific data upon which responsible professionals may base their clinical efforts, countless numbers of impotent and frigid mates can be counseled and helped to sexual adjustment.

Perhaps even more important, Masters and Johnson’s basic groundwork in sex physiology will now make it possible for medicine to assume a responsibility it has neglected far too long –that of educating its own. Through the authors’ efforts, those responsible for sex education finally have before them clinical facts about one of the most vital aspects of human existence.

HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE, the first published volume of the authors’ findings, is primarily concerned with the sexual response cycles of men and women between the ages of 21 and 50, with emphasis on similarities rather than differences in their sexual response patterns. 382 women and 312 men comprise the research population, whose sociologic background, physiologic capacity, and response to effective sexual stimulation are considered in detail. Most of the text is devoted to male and female orgasmic expression.

A portion deals with the response patterns and reactive potentials of the geriatric population. The authors’ study of sexual response patterns in patients up to the age of 89 provides conclusive evidence that an increase in years does not necessarily mean a decline in sexual adequacy. Their findings in this area, as well as their studies of the effect of pregnancy on male and female sexuality and the influence of sexual activity on the heart and blood pressure, are reported here for the first time.

Kinsey opened the doors of contemporary culture to the study of human sexual response, and his work is still a landmark in sociologic investigation. Masters and Johnson have taken medical sexology one step further by actually measuring the physiologic and psychologic responses of men and women to sexual stimulation. For their detailed study in an area in which little of physiologic fact has previously been known. Masters and Johnson have achieved a unique distinction with HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE. It is the first of two volumes for the professional audience proposed by the authors. Further clinical follow-up will be the subject of their next work, HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY.

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