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ISBN-13: 978-436-13961-1
Writer: Αndrea Dworkin
Title: Intercourse
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Secker & Warburg Limited
Year of Publication: 1987
Format: 158x240mm
Pages: xi+258pp.
Illustrations: 1 blck and white of the author on the back flap by Jerry Bauer
Design: Peter Dyer
Binding: boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 564gr.
Original Price: GBP 10.95
Entry Date: 2014017
Entry Date: 18th August 2014


The feminist movement ha sno more passionate and eloquent advocate than Andrea Dworkin. Intercourse - her fourth work of non-fiction to be published in this country - follows Pornography, Our Blodd and Right-Wing Women, and spledindly confirms an already established reputation.

Andrea Dworkin looks at the act of intercourse through the workis of five male writers who have articulated its deepr meanings with particular trenchancy - Tolstoy, KObo Abe, Tennessee Williams, James Baldwin, Isaac Bashevis Singer - and uses them as a springboard to explore and question every aspect of the myth, meaning and reality of this God-or-nature-created act, and its relation to the sexual, civil and social inferioruty of women. What is the meaning of virginity? Is permissiveness necessarily freedom? Do women collabroate to keep men, as it were, on top? What of self-determination, identity, creativity? And where do we go from here?

At once tough and humane, angry and tender, intimate and analytical, Dworkin asks us to reconsider every implication of an act without which we would be extinct. It is a book resonant with the possibility of human experience - an elightening work, and a major one.


ISBN-13: 978-1494484351
Writer: Joyce Weaver
Title: My Introduction to Swinging at Fanyast Fest
Subtitle: How I Learned to Relax and Enjoy Group Sex
Language: English
Place of Publication: N/A
Publisher: Geezer Guides
Year of Publication: 2014
Format: 153x230mm (trimmed)
Pages: 36pp.
Binding: paperback in printed colour wrappers
Weight: 77gr.
Original Price: USD 7.20 (print-on-demand)
Entry Date: 2014016
Entry Date: 18th August 2014


In this true story the author discusses, openly and candidly, how a chance encounter while on vacarion challenged many of her assumptions and opened up a whole new world of unexpected pleasure.

Even though Joyce Weaver always thought shw as vert open-minded about sex, to the point of telling her husband he could have sex with other women, should the opportunity arise, she was totally unprepared when the opportunity actually did arise, not only for him, but for her, too!

In her first book, she describes the events, along with the roller coaster of emotions and desires, that lead to the discovery of the Lifestyle (the world of swingers) and her unexpected enjoyment of (along with her husband) group sex, not to mention the discovery that she also liked sex with other women.

The unexpected encounter happened while vacationing in Key West, Florida during Fantasy Fest. Fantasy Fesr is a weeklong party that ranges from mild to wildly outrageous and is, often, sexually charged.

Follow along as Joyce describes the events leading up to her first group sex encounter, in sizzling detail.

If you've ever wondered if the swimming lifestyle or group sex was for you, you need to read this true account of one woman's introduction to, and wholehearted acceptance of, the Lifestyle.