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One of the most torrid passages from Henry Miller's controversial “Tropic of Cancer” was read aloud Thursday, November 9 to a City Council committee considering demands for stronger anti-pornography laws.

Several hundred persons jammed the hearing room at the outset of the session, but many of the women attending filed out before the sizzling paragraphs studded with obscene four-letter words were read. The exodus followed a request by Councilman Edward Roybal, chairman of the Public Health and Welfare Committee, that microphones in City Hall outside the chambers be turned off.
Purpose of the hearing was to determine ways and means to dam a flood of indecent literature allegedly inundating bookshops and stands in certain sections of Los Angeles, leading to recent police raid and arrests.

Dr. Donald Cortum, state chairman of the Citizens for Decent Literature, a national organization founded in 1955, and a delegation of the group's membership urged the formation of a Los Angeles citizens committee to combat such books as “Tropic of Cancer.”

“Los Angeles is being deluged with obscenity, pornography and so-called erotic literature,” he told the committee. He blamed the Communist party for much of the “indecent trash being offered in books and magazines here,” and charged a Red conspiracy to weaken American morals through the distribution of pornography. “Good outstanding citizens in many cases are completely unaware of the trash on our local newsstands,” he said. “It is for this reason that a Council-appointed citizens committee should be functioning to supplement legal action.

Warning that unconsidered action on Cortum's recommendation might lead to censorship, Raymond Frazier, a salesman of 1197 S. Windsor Blvd., and Arthur J. Gates, manager of the Sunset News Co., voiced opposition to any vigilant action. “I urge caution, moderation and education as the strongest methods of counteracting pornography,” Frazier testified. Gates said vigilante censor groups were attempting to drive established, offensive magazines from the newsstands. He urged action against publishers of pornographic literature to cut it off at the source.

At the end of the two-and-a-half-hour hearing Chairman Roybal said the committee would review all testimony before making any recommendation to the City Council.

Since its organization in 1955 by Charles H. Keating, Jr., an Ohio attorney, Citizens for Decent Literature has established local committees throughout the nation.
(Source: Los Angeles Examiner, Friday, November 10, 1961, reprinted in The Nudist Newsletter No. 120/1962)

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Alfred Charles Kinsey
Hoboken, N.J., 6/23/1894 - Bloomington, IN, 8/25/1956 (62)

Let it be said that we feel a deep sense of personal loss in the passing of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey, 62, the world-famous authority on the sexual habits of mankind, and extend our sympathies to his family and to Drs., Wardell Pomeroy, Clyde Martin, Paul Gebhard, Alice Field, Ritchie Davis and to Eleanor Roehr. They worked closely with Dr. Kinsey in the Institute for Sex Research which Kinsey set up on the Indiana university campus, and must feel a loss greater than anyone in the world except the famed doctor's own family.

The doctor, a dedicated scientist, never permitted himself to be ruffled by the storm of scientific and religious controversy touched off by his best-seller, “Sexual Behaviour of the Human Male” published in 1948 and the sequel on women's sexual behavior which came out in 1953, both written in unsensational, academic style. He had been ailing for six months but his condition had not been considered critical. He died August 25, of a heart ailment and pneumonia.

Many ministers and some scientists protested that Kinsey's reports reduced intimate human relations to cold statistics. He aroused further controversy by complaining that too many laws against sex offences made crimes out of widely practiced sex acts. Of interest to nudists, will be Dr. Kinsey's statement made to us in a personal letter, that, “I hope that you have gathered already from our publications that we think it an unnecessary cultural development that we should become so completely afraid of nudity in these United States.”

We had some correspondence with Dr. Kinsey with reference to his still pending dispute with the customs officials over an impounded shipment of nudist and other magazines. The doctor was interested in the progress of our own case with the customs over some of the same magazines. At last writing, Dr. Kinsey said, “It is not yet clear whether the Customs Department is going to force us to fight the case in court, but if so, it would be a help in establishing the precedent in the handling of such material. Certainly there are abundant decisions showing that the scholar should have access to any kind of material even though it is denied general circulation... we intend to fight for the exercise of the discretion which they (the customs) have in admitting such material for scholars.”

The institute's closely guarded library of material allied to sexual behavior is considered to be one of the largest of its kind in the world and contains one of the largest of its kind in the world and contains one of the three existing complete files of AMERICAN NUDIST LEADER in its variant editions.

President Herman Wells of Indiana University, which has long supported Dr. Kinsey, has called the Kinsey reports “pioneer studies of great significance... part of the scientific heritage of the entire world,” and added that Kinsey's work “will furnish a solid foundation for future investigators in this field.”

Our sympathies to the family and co-workers of Dr Alfred C. Kinsey. We hope that the work which bears his name, will be continued at the university.

Mervin Mounce
(The Nudist Newsletter, issue no. 57 , October, 1956)

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Title: Shortbus
Genre: Drama, romance, colour
Language: English
Country: U.S.A.
Location: New York
Format: DVD, PAL
Actors: Sook-Yin Lee, Paul Dawson, Lindsay Beamish, PJ DeBoy, Raphael Barker, Peter Stickles, Jay Brannan, Alan Mandell, Adam Hardman, Ray Rivas, Bitch, Hustin Hagan, Santi Carson, Jim Holmer, Stephen Kent Jusick, Yolanda Roes, JD Samson, Miriam Shor, Daniela Sea, Rachael Cyna Smith, Paul Oakley Stovall, Lex Vaughin, Justin Bond, and others
Unit Production Manager: Pamela Hirsch
First Assistant Director: Karen Kane
Second Assistant Director: Sarah Rae Garrett
Sound Design: Ben Cheach
Re-recording Mixer: Lora Hirschberg
Director of Photography: Frank G. Demarco
Producers: Howard Gertler, Tim Perell, John Cameron Mitchell

Executive Producers: Michael J. Werner and Wouter Barendrecht
C0-executive Producers: Ritchie Jackson & Bobbi Thompson
Associate Producers: Morgan Higby Night, Neil Westreich, Richard Wofford
Director of Photography: Frank G. DeMarco
Editor: Brian A. Kates
Co-producer: Pamela Hirsch
Original score: Yo La Tengo
Music Supervisor: Michael Hill
Production Designer: Jody Asnes
Costume Designer: Kurt and Bart
Animation: John Bair
Writer and Director: John Cameron Mitchell
Distributor: Universal Pictures / Fortissimo Films in association with Q Television
Region: 2

No. of Discs: 1
Year of Film Production: 2006
Year of DVD Release: 2007
Film Censors’ Office: 18 (contains strong real sex)

Film Release Date: 6th October 2006 (Canada)
Running Time: 1:37:02
Entry No.: 2009010

Entry Date: 21st December 2009

Shortbus explores the lives of several emotionally challenged characters as they navigate the comic and tragic intersections between love and sex in and around a modern-day underground salon. A sex therapist who has never had an orgasm, a dominatrix who is unable to connect and a gay couple looking to open up their relationship all converge on a weekly gathering called Shortbus, a mad nexus of art, music, politics and polysexual carnality.

Shortbus tells its story with sexual frankness, suggesting new ways to reconcile questions of the mind, pleasures of the flesh and imperatives of the heart.


ISBN-10: 0-313-24773-0
Writer: Jefferson P. Selth

Title: Alternative Lifestyles
Subtitle: A Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism, and Sexual Freedom

Language: English
Place of Publication: Westport, CT, and London, England
Publisher: Greenwood Press
Year: 1985
Format: 160x240mm

Pages: xii+133 printed on alkaline paper
Binding: Library binding without dust jacket
Weight: 422gr.

Entry no.: 2009008
Date of Entry: 30th January 2009

Published December 23, 1985, this bibliography describes, in comprehensive detail, 36 special collections in the United States that are rich in published and unpublished research materials in the fields of intentional communities (communes), nudism, and sexual behavior, especially sexual freedom. For each collection, Selth provides information about types of publications, bibliographic access, conditions of use, miscellaneous comments, and describes the holdings. Indexes by name of the collection and geographical location and indexes of periodicals, names, and subjects are provided to enhance the usefulness of this unique research aid.


ISBN-10: 0-517-175355
Writers: Eberhard and Phyllis Kronhausen
Τitle: Pornography and the Law
Subtitle: The Psychology of Erotic Realism and Pornography
Foreword: J. W. Ehrlich
Introduction: Theodor Reik
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Bell Publishing Company
Year of Publication: MCMLIX
Format: 140x210mm
Pages: 335; Bibliography, 311; Index, 324
Jacket Design: Doug Anderson
Binding: Boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 454gr.
Entry No.: 2009065
Entry Date: 30th November 2009


Pornography and the Law
is the classic in the field of erotic literature and its effect on American society. It was present in many courtrooms, used in many obscenity cases by both prosecution and defense. Trial judges have been known to read portions of it to instruct the jury, and the Danish Ministry of Justice informed the Kronhausens that their book had been instrumental in bringing about the abolition of censorship in Denmark.

The Kronhausens presented the classic obscenity cases and used extended, unexpurgated passages from such “questionable works” as the writings of Ovid, Aretino and Casanova, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, My Life and Loves by Frank Harris, Mark Twain’s 1601, Memoirs of Hecate County, and The Tropic of Cancer. In addition, they delved into the psychosexual implications of sadism and masochism, homosexuality, masturbatory fantasies, stag movies, flagellation, and voyeurism.

Although times and standards have changed, Pornography and the Law is still an important and classic work in its field. This revised edition of a long-out-of-print work includes not only the entire, original text but a completely new chapter bringing it up-to-date to today’s new standards.

With the same openness and ubiased research, the Kronhausens discuss the “New Morality” of Denmark and Sweden. They take an in-depth look at censorship in Russia, Japan and China. And they discuss the questions raised today by such works as The Devil and Miss Jones, Deep Throat and Behind the Green Door. “Porno Stars” Darby Lloyd Rains and Marc Stevens tell how they feel about their work and their changed standing within the community.

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ISBN-10: 0-8108-1975-9
Writers: Fred K. Paine & Nancy E. Paine
Τitle: Magazines
Subtitle: A Bibliography for Their Analysis, with Annotations and Study Guide
Language English
Place of Publication: Metuchen, N.J., & London
Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1987
Format: 142x221mm
Pages: vii+690; Index, 649
Binding: Boards without dust jacket
Weight: 954gr.
Entry No.: 2009071
Entry Date: 4th January 2010


This bibliography lists more than 2,200 magazine, newspaper and journal articles, books, and dissertations written about magazines ―selected from some 15,000 works examined.

The focus of this volume is on material printed after 1978, although some key pieces published prior to this year are included.


Writers: Morris L. Ernst & Alan U. Schwartz
Τitle: Censorship
Subtitle: The Search for the Obscene
Introduction: Philip Scharper
Foreword: Morris L. Ernst & Alan U. Schwartz
Language: English
Edition: First Printing
Place of Publication: New York & London
Publisher: The Macmillan Company / Collier-Macmillan Company
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 1451x216mm
Pages: xvi+288; Index, 277
Jacket Design: Rupert J. Finegold
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 465gr.
Entry No.: 2009059
Entry Date: 2nd October 2009


For reader and writer, film-maker and theater-goer- for everyone concerned in the field of cummunications –here is a cogent, up-to-date account of the centuries-long battle between freedom of expression and the watchdogs of public morality.

In crisp, nonlegal language, Censorship details the history of what, in law, has been considered obscene, pornographic, prurient, indecent, and “dirty.” From “notorious” novels to naturalistic movies, from sex education for juveniles to sex magazines for adults –all phases of the controversial field are covered. The role of censorship-official and private –is documented in terms of actual cases, briefs, and judicial decisions.

Following a survey of ancient societies that reveals the relationship of sexual mores to economic and political necessities, the authors describe the development of the protestant ethic in the United States. They demonstrate the essentially aristocratic attitude of the Framers of the Constitution toward the First Amendment, and show how the rise of universal education and literacy was accompanied by growing legislative concern with obscenity.

Focusing on the last century and a half in American and England, the authors highlight the career of the psychopathic grocery clerk Anthony Comstock as an enemy of “vice” in the United States –and the parallel activities of Sir Alexander Cockburn, Britain’s Lord Chief Justice. They describe the lengths to which the “hunt” for obscenity went. Targets ranged from classics such as Payne’s Arabian Nights and Gautier’s Mademoiselle de Maupin to the little-known Hagar Revelly, a novel whose claim to fame is that with Justice Learned Hand’s decision, it began a revolution in judicial thought.

The Ulysses case is presented in detail, as are those of Schnitzler’s Casanova’s Homecoming, Radclyffe Halls The West of Loneliness, Lillian Smith’s Strange Fruit, and D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover. The activities of the Unites States Post Office and Treasury Department as de facto censors are described, as is the craven self-censorship of the motion-picture industry.

Writing from the point of view that the best censorship is the least censorship, the authors bring their survey up to date with a revealing book at the extralegal forms censorship is taking today. The second volume in the distinguished Milestones of Law series written for general readers, Censorship is packed with intellectual fuel for thoughtful nonlawyers on a subject of national concern.


Writer: Albert B. Gerber
Τitle: Sex, Pornography, and Justice
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Lyle Stuart, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1965
Format: 141x210mm
Pages: 349; Bibliography, 333; Table of Cases, 337; Additional Cases, 343; Index, 345
Illustrations: 14 black and white plates and pictures
Binding: Hardbound in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 628gr.
Original Price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2009060
Entry Date: 5th November 2009


One of the nation’s foremost authorities on pornography in our law presents in this compact volume the first complete and serious study of the subject from the middle ages (when, surprisingly enough, pornography was not illegal) to today when pornography (many people erroneously believe) seems to be becoming legal.

Albert Gerber, an eminent lawyer and specialist in the subject, presents in these pages the exhibits as they came before the Courts. For many of the items, this is their first publication in the United States. For example, the poem Fifteen Plagues of a Maidenhead, which gave rise to the first obscenity case in our law, is printed in full for the first time in this country.

Many other “forbidden” exhibits appear in this book including the pamphlet involved in the infamous Hicklin case, The Confessional Unmasked, The Sex Side of Life and Nun in Her Smock.

Where the case involves photographs (as in the nudist magazine litigation) the author presents the original pictures unblocked and unretouched.

The same is true with cases which involved so-called sex deviations: homosexual pictures, magazines and the like. (The very issue of the homosexual magazine that went before the United States Supreme Court is represented almost in its entirety.)

This is a complete compendium of material for those seriously interested in the subject. The discussion is totally frank and nothing is barred. Night club acts, poems, pictures and stories are all set forth wherever they are involved in significant legislation.

To the puzzled District Attorneys and prosecutors, bewildered police officials, confused lawyers, disconcerted judges, and all the other perplexed laborers in the labyrinthine jungle called “pornography”, Sex, Pornography and Justice will come as a ray of hope. For it others a sound solution to the riddle without jettisoning the entire doctrine and simply “anything goes”!

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ISBN-10: 0-8352-0205-4
Editor: Eric Moon
Title: Book Selection and Censorship in the Sixties
Foreword: Eric Moon
Edition: Presumably first
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York and London
Publisher: R. R. Bowker Company
Date of publication: 1969

Format: 171x257mm
Number of pages: xi+421; Contributors, 417
Binding: Hardcover without dust jacket
Weight: 972gr.
Entry No.: 2009022
Date of Entry: 23rd March 2009


“This book is primarily an anthology of articles written for Library Journal during the decade of the 1960s--at least, up through the first few months of 1969. That so much material on the subjects of book selection and censorship should have appeared in such a comparatively short span of time is testimony to the problems that surrounded this central discipline in librarianship in this period.”
Eric Moon

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ISBN-13: 978-0-19-929779-5
Writer: Virginia Smith

Τitle: Clean
Subtitle: A History of Personal Hygiene and Purity
Language: English

Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 2007
Format: 134x204mm
Pages:xi+457; notes, 353; Select Bibliography, 433; Index, 439
Illustrations: 23 black and white pictures
Front Cover Photograph: Pep Karsten/fStop/Punchstock
Binding: Hardcover in duotone dust jacket

Weight: 593gr.
Entry No.: 2006004
Date of Entry: 18th January 2008


Why do children (and their parents) still experience the annoyance of having nits? What exactly are ‘purity rules’? And why have the rituals of bathtime scarcely changed in two hundred years?

This pioneering new work explores the global history of human body-care from the Neolithic to the present. Looking at the way in which different cultures have interpreted and striven for personal cleanliness it shows how, throughout history, this striving for purity has brought great social benefits as well as great tragedies.

Using first-hand accounts and sources, Clean unfolds the long and fascinating history of personal hygiene and purity from pre-historic grooming rituals to New Age medicine, from medieval ascetics to 21st century cosmetics.

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ISBN-13: 978-0-300-05654-9
Writers: Robert J. Stoller and Ira. S. Levine
Title: Coming Attractions
Subtitle: The Making of an X-Rated Video
Language: English
Place of Publication: New Haven and London
Publisher: Yale University Press
Year of Publication: 1993
Format: 157x240mm
Pages: ix+246; References, 241; Index,243
Jacket Photograph: Richard McNeace
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 543gr.
Entry No.: 2010034
Entry Date: 10th December 2010


What do porn films tell us about our own erotic impulses? What can we learn about our culture’s sexual attitudes, fears, and fantasies from the ways that porn films are designed and produced? In this book, Dr. Robert J. Stoller, one of the world’s leading experts on human sexual behavior, joins with I. S. Levine, a professional writer with logn experience in X-rated video making, to examine the ideas and psychological  makeup of the participants in an adult heterosexual X-rate video, Stairway to Paradise. Their interviews with performers, writers, directors, producers, and technicians provide extraordinary insights into the technical aspects of this type of video, the motivations and backgrounds of the people involved, and the porn industry’s view of the video’s intended audience.

Stoller, Levine, and the porn filmmakers have wide-ranging discussions about the aesthetics, ethics, and etiquette of the porn industry; the hostility that Dr. Stoller claimed underlies all erotic excitement; the liberating –and educational –function of porn in a puritanical culture; the misconceptions of antiporn crusaders; the impact of AIDS on the participants; and the future of the porn film industry. The authors hope that if we understand how and why a pornographic work is created, we will be better able to understand the implications oft the legal and moral issues it raises.


ISBN-13: 978-0-8050-7745-2
Writer: Pamela Paul
Title: Pornified
Subtitle: How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families
Edition: First Edition
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Times Books / Henry Holt and Company
Year of Publication: 2005
Format: 160x242mm
Pages: xi+304; Notes, 277; Index,293
Binding: Boards in colour dust jacket designed by Lisa Fyfe
Weight: 599gr.
Entry No.: 2010035
Entry Date: 10th December 2010


Pornography, once the taboo vice that no one dared mention, has become  part of our daily lives –affordable , accessible, anonymous, and, increasingly, acceptable. The all-pornography, all-the-time mentality is everywhere –on the covers  of mainstream men’s magazines; in the promotion of music, movie, and television celebrities; and in the advice columns of women’s magazines. The Internet is bursting with hardcore pornography, just a mouse-click away; cable and pay-per-view channel teem with porn; and “adult superstores” reel in customers off the interstate. The days of Playboy magazine wrapped in plain brown paper seem quaint.

Most striking, pornography has become a big part of the personal lives of many Americans. In Pornified, Pamela Paul argues that as porn has become more pervasive it has changed our marriages and families as well as our children’s understanding of sex and sexuality. She presents eye-opening portraits of Americans in the age of porn:

*Rob, who insists that his girlfriend look and behave, in bed and out, like a porn star

* Charlie, who spends hours cruising porn sites and setting up meetings with women and couples he befriends in sex chat rooms, while telling his wife that he’s just working late on the computer.

* Jonah, a fan of violent hardcore porn, who introduces tamer porn to his fiancée in an effort to revive their troubled sex life

* Abby, who discovers her husband’s hidden box of diskettes of child porn images downloaded from the Internet

* Preteen girls who start their own pornography Web sites

* Teenage boys, mimicking porn, who videotape themselves having sex with an apparently unconscious girl

Drawing on the results of more than a hundred interviews and an exclusive nationwide poll, Paul exposes how porn has infiltrated and unsettled our lives. We see the costs and consequences of pornography, as intimacy is replaced by fantasy, distrust, dissatisfaction, and emotional isolation. Pornified is an insightful, shocking, and indispensable investigation.

Thursday, 9 December 2010


ISBN-13: 978-0-471-52540-0
Writers: Samuel S. Janus and Cynthia L. Janus
Title: The Janus Report on Sexual Behavior
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Ÿ Chichester Ÿ Brisbane ŸToronto Ÿ Singapore
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1993
Format: 150x240mm
Pages: xiii+430 printed on acid-free paper; Notes, 417; Index,423
Illustrations: 270+ tables, indexes and tabulated results of questionnaire
Binding: Boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 815gr.
Entry No.: 2010031
Entry Date: 9th December 2010


Our society in the opinion of many experts, has gone through more social and sexual change in the past twenty years than in the prior two centuries.  Yet, amazingly, until The Janus Report, there has been no scientific study of sexuality since Masters & Johnson’s influential report of the 1960s, and no large-scale survey since the Kinsey reports forty years ago.

Based on a nationwide survey of adult Americans of every political and religious persuasion, from ages eighteen to eighty and beyond, and from every income bracket and every region of the United States, The Janus Report surpasses all previous studies of American sexuality in both its scope and breadth. Frank, penetrating, and at times surprising in its findings, the Report cuts through platitudes and media hype to delve deeply into the American sexual psycho.

Presenting its copious statistical findings in more than 270 tables, along with the observations of a panel of consulting experts,  and numerous candid accounts by participants recounting their personal experiences, The Janus Report details for the first time the enormous changes in sexual attitudes and practices that have occurred in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Janus Report also sheds new light on a number of today’s most important social and political issues including love, marriage, divorce, parenthood, and abortion –offering revelations that are bound to make a lasting impression on the general public and influence the thinking of national policymakers and social scientists for years to come.


ISBN-13: 978-0-300-05092-9
Writer: Robert J. Stoller
Title: Porn
Subtitle: Myths for the Twentieth Century
Language: English
Place of Publication: New Haven and London
Publisher: Yale University Press
Year of Publication: 1991
Format: 152x244mm
Pages: ix+228; references, 227
Jacket Photographs: Richard McNeace
Binding: Boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 541gr.
Price: N/A
Entry No.: 2010030
Entry Date: 9th December 2010


Bill, Merlin, Happy, and Kay are among the porn-film performers who tell their stories to Dr. Robert J. Stoller in this psychodynamic enthnography of adult heterosexual pornography. Their engrossing accounts reveal in rich detail not only the inner workings of “the industry” and the fantasies and motivations of its participants but also the relation between this most designated of occupations and “normal” human erotic behavior and attitudes.

Consistently nonjudgmental about the material he presents, Dr. Stoller nevertheless draws provocative conclusions about porn, its practitioners, and its effects on society. Everyone at work on a porn production, he says, uses it as a vehicle for unloading his or her rage against something – mores, institutions, laws, parents, females, or males.  According to Dr. Stoller, pornography does not exist only to degrade women, there is no reliable evidence that it increases the frequency of rape, and (with the exception of child porn) it does little harm. Pornography, says Dr. Stoller, seems more the result of our changing society than a cause of change; it reflects, more than influences, our values and mores.


Writer: Hans F. Hofmann
Title: Sex Incorporated
Subtitle: A Positive View of the Sexual Revolution
Language: English
Place of Publication: Boston
Publisher: Beacon Press
Year of Publication: 1967
Format: 134x210mm
Pages: 129
Illustrations: 20 single colour plates and pictures
Binding: Half cloth without dust jacket
Weight: 313gr.
Entry No.: 2010029
Entry Date: 9th December 2010


A humanistic view by a former theologian.