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17 August 1964

NYC League for Sexual Freedom wishes to defend and expand the rights of nudists, including at least the use of marked-off sections of public beaches as in Europe.

There have been a few attempts in America to secure certain beaches for nudist use. In 1955 the officials of Marin County, California, were tentatively approached. Their reply: a nudist beach would create too many problems for the police.

Although such an application is almost certain to be brushed off, it definitely should be made. At the very least, an application opens up the issue for public and press discussion. In addition, it could lay the groundwork for more militant action. We urge all nudists and nudist organizations to ask their local governments to set aside portions of public beaches where nude bathing will be allowed. The NYC-LSF has made such a public request of the New York City parks commissioner.

While such applications are pending, nudists and their organizations should seek public support through newspapers, interviews on radio and television, etc.

When these legitimate demands are not met, we hope that some organizations or groups of individuals will press for their rights by means of demonstrations.

These may be merely picket lines, or they may be non-violent civil disobedience in the tradition of the Negro freedom movement. The most appropriate form of civil disobedience would be a nude wade-in at a public beach, similar to Negro wade-ins at white beaches. The nude demonstrators could be accompanied by clothed sympathizers who would also be willing to suffer arrest. We are seeking volunteers for a wade-in in New York City at some time in the near future.

We hope you will take action on some level -application, public education, picket, wade-in –toward asserting the right of citizens to use at least part of their tax-supported public beaches in the nude. We are interested in hearing your plans and comments.

Yours for individual liberty,
/s/ Jefferson Polland, Clerk
N.Y.C. League for Sexual Freedom

(Copy of a letter received by Forrest Hills Club of Saranac, Michigan and published in the Nudist Newsletter #154/1964, the official Bulletin of the American Health Alliance)

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