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Editor: Edwin M. Schur
Τitle: The Family and the Sexual Revolution
Subtitle: Selected Readings
Language: English
Place of Publication: Bloomington, IN
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 145x214mm
Pages: xv+427; some further readings, 423
Jacket Design: Lawrence Hoffman
Binding: Cloth in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 716gr.
Entry No.: 2009061
Entry Date: 5th November 2009


In recent years certain critics have warned that Western society is disintegrating because of a sharp decline in sexual morals and a breakdown of the family system. While most students of the family and of society tend to discredit these alarmist views, they agree that the family as a social institution is undergoing profound change. In this volume attention is focused on three of the most important areas of social change affecting the family: sex standards (with special reference to the question of premarital intercourse), the social roles of women, and birth control.

The articles included represent a wide range of viewpoints and many are genuinely controversial. Sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, political scientists, lawyers, and theologians are among the authors represented, and their views constitute some of the liveliest and most influential statements to be made on these subjects in recent years.

As the controversy on these issues is likely to remain intense, the articles in this volume may serve as points of departure for future discussion, providing parents, educators, and students with important data, constructive comment, and challenging judgments in a difficult but vital field

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