Saturday, 30 November 2013


ISBN-10: 0-233-96074-0
Writer: John Updike
Title: Couples
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Andre Deutsch Limited
Year of Publication: 1968
Format: 138x223mm
Pages: 458
Jacket Illustration: William Blake's water-colour drawing 'Adam and Eve Sleeping' and detail from it are reproduced on the jacket by courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Jacket Design: Patricia Davey
Binding: green boards in colour dust jacket
Weight: 702gr.
Original Price: 30s
Entry No.: 2013049
Entry Date: 30th November 2013


John Updike's fifth novel concerns the interactions of ten couples in an out-of-the-way New England community called Tarbox. The circle of acquaintance is felt as a magic circle, with ritual games, religious substitutions, a priest (Freddy Thorne), and a scapegoat (Piet Hanema).The action runs from the spring of 1963 through the following spring.


ISBN-10: 0-390-68462-7
Editorr: Herbert A. Otto
Title: The Family in Search of a Future
Subtitle: Alternate Models for Moderns
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts
Year of Publication: 1970
Format: 138x210mm (trimmed)
Pages: 204
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Original Price: N/A
Weight: 255gr.
Entry No.: 2013048
Entry Date: 30th November 2013

Thursday, 7 November 2013


ISBN-10: 0-261-10024-6
Writer: Robert T. Francoeur
Title: Eve's New RibSubtitle: Twenty Faces of Sex, Marriage, and Family
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: MacGibbon & Kee Ltd
Year of Publication: 1972
Format: 138x222mm
Pages: 253
Illustrations: 1 black and white picture of the writer on the back flap
Jacket Design: Hardy/Escasany
Binding: red boards in duotone dust jacket Original Price: GBP 2.25
Weight: 451gr.
Entry No.: 2013046
Entry Date: 7th November 2013


A married couple are both sterile. The wife receives an ovarian transplant and a dozen of the eggs are removed and fertilized in a test tube with her father-in-law's semen, frozen since he died. Because she is prone to miscarriage, the embryo is implanted in her unmarried sister's womb for the rest of pregnancy.
In a situation like this, what do we understand by the terms father, mother, offspring, adultery, incest and virginity? What happens to human values and our traditional concepts of morality? These are the disturbing questions Dr Francoeur asks in Eve's New Rib.

His investigation into the impact of women's liberation, mass communications, and particularly our contraceptive and reproductive technologies, on twenty different patterns of marriage and family life are related to some fascinating, even startling customs of the past, indicating that trial and group marriages, along nwith comarital relations, are not really a new invention.

Dr Francoeur offers a radically new approach to these problems, an approach conceived to help all of us faced with a revolution in human sexuality.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


ISBN-10: 0-394-40947-7
Writers: Ann and Ed Allen
Title: Together Sex
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc,
Year of Publication: 1976
Format: 140x215mm
Pages: x+228
Cover Design: Kenneth R. Deardoff
Binding: brown cloth in duotone dust jacket Original Price: USD 8.95
Weight: 430gr.
Entry No.: 2013045
Entry Date: 5th November 2013


Here is the first practical guide to the world of party sex – often calledswingers, although the authors shun this term – which has countless followers across the  country and which has spawned its own magazines, clubs, restaurants, and resorts, as well as its own very special code of behavior.

The authors define
Together Sex asplay-dominated sexual interaction resulting directly from party situations...a game which may promote camaraderie, communication and growth, but which is mostly played for the joy of playing...a game more enjoyable when more friends play and where strangers are welcome. The book places its greatest emphasis on practical advice; it is a manual complete with resources, addresses, and useful tips for obtaining the skills helpful in meeting others: all about the contact magazines, how they work and their value, and how to avoid the dishonest practices; how to write and place and place an ad; how groups operate; how to meet people you will enjoy at socials, bars, and clubs; how to handle the first meeting; how to behave at the party to which you are invited; how to throw your own party.

In addition, the book also focuses which are particularly relevant to the enjoyment of Together Sex. Since Together Sex consists almost entirely of intense personal interpersonal interaction, emotional feelings toward fellow participants take on great importance. The authors discuss such barriers to healthy emotional relating as jealousy and infatuation, how to avoid the
performance trap, how to develop the tolerance which will make possible the greatest enjoyment. A separate reference section provides a list of contacts for further information and assistance; a list of more than 175 clubs, bars, and other associations, arranged by state and province; and a publications directory.

The authors describe themselves as having
shared almost a third of our lives. We have called our relationship by many names. Free marriage, open-ended marriage, intimate network, swingers, multilateral marriage, expanded family, etc.... We couldn't honestly tell you what of any these names precisely means. Recognizing that damn few people enjoy being put into categories, we have refrained from creating a new one. This book is a guide for people who at times enjoy certain types of sexual interaction.Ann and Ed Allen draw on research, interviews, and years of personal experience to develop the first complete picture of this growing phenomenon.

Friday, 1 November 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-283-99750-1
Writer: Steve Humphries
Title: A Secret World of Sex
Subtitle: Forbidden Fruit: The British Experience 1900-1950
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Sidgwick & Jackson Limited
Year of Publication: 1991
Format: 188x242mm (trimmed)
Pages: 224; Further Reading, 219; Index, 222
Illustrations: 87 monochrome plates and pictures
Cover Design: Stephen Kent
Cover Photograph: Hulton-Deutsch Collection
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers
Original Price: GBP 11.99
Weight: 716gr.
Entry No.: 2013043
Entry Date: 1st November 2013


In this compelling book, lavishly illustrated with rare photographs, Steve Humphries tells the extraordinary story of sex before marriage in Britain during the first half of our century. Based on many surprisingly frank interviews with old people, and studded throughout with moving extracts from their life stories, it is the first major investigation into the sexual experiences of young lovers of the past.

Most sex took place in an atmosphere of ignorance, guilt and fear, and became submerged in a secret world. For many, the sexual taboo had damaging or disastrous consequences. Anxiety and frustration about sex were perennial problems, expecially amongst courtign couples; while young gays were forced to lead a double life. Sexual ignorance resulted in many unwanted pregnancies, which in turn led to a thriving trade for back street abortionists and a stream of shotgun weddings. The greatest tragedy often befell the unmarried mother. She was beckoned by the workhouse, or even the mental hospital
not by the welfare state as today. The author rescues the stories of victims like these, along with a host of others, from obscurity and oblivion.

This book breaks new ground in bringing to light an important and controversial chapter in British social history.


ISBN-10: 0-297-776770
Writer: Kenneth Clark
Title: Feminine Beauty
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd
Year of Publication: 1980
Format: 221x288mm
Pages: 199 printed on heavy coated paper
Illustrations: 135 monochrome illustrations and 40 colour plates
Front Jacket Illustration: Detail from An Allegory of Venus with Time, c.1770, by Giambattista Tiepolo (National Gallery, London
Back Jacket Illustration: Head of Queen Nefertiti, Egyptian, Amarna period, 1373-1357 BC (Cairo Museum, Egypt. Photo Werner Forman)
Binding: boards in colour dust jacket
Original Price: GBP 10.00
Weight: 1,249gr.
Entry No.: 2013044
Entry Date: 1st November 2013


Since the second millennium BC feminine beauty has inspired great art. In a superb and highly informative essay Kenneth Clark demonstrates that while different periods and cultures in the West have held different ideals of the female form, beauty has a timelessness which transcends fashion and environment, and its image can be found in any age. It can be as diverse as a medieval Madonna and a voluptuous nude of the Baroque, an enchantment by Fragonard and the characteristic melancholy of Virginia Woolf or Greta Garbo. Yet, in citing the figures of antiquity – Nefertiti, the Venus of Milo – and  of modern times, Lord Clark reveals the constancy of beauty over four thousand years.

He discusses chronologically, with visual references, the plates he has selected to illustrate his subject, and his perceptive personal commentary is a reminder that he is not only one of Britain's leading art historians but also that he has a rare capacity for communicating his scholarship.