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ISSN: 1047-4463
ISBN-10: 0-9629659-4-4

Τitle: Gauntlet, Number 5, 1993
Subtitle: Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression
Publisher: Gauntlet, Inc., Springfield, PA
Editor-In-Chief: Barry Hoffman
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 151x234mm (trimmed)

Pages: 192 single colour printed on newsprint excluding colour covers

Illustrations: 197 black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Jeff Vaughn of Dian Hanson
Frequency: Twice a year (November and May)
Βinding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Weight: 224gr.

Single Copy: USD 9.95 / CAD 11.85
Subscription rates (2 issues): USD 22.00


(5) Editorial Meanderings by Barry Hoffma
(8) Openers
(11) Spike Lee: Bourgeois Boor by Mark Di lonno
(18) Madonna Exposed by David Aaron Clark
(24) Whut’s Smut? by Robert Gregory
(29) What’s Porn To You Is… by Bill Paige
(34) “S” Is For “Stoopid”: A Modest Proposal by John Skipp & Craig Spector
(42) Art, Porn And NC-17 by Skipp & Spector
(44) N.O.E.U. 2088 by Michael Taylor
(46) Above The Law: The Justice Department’s War Against The First Amendment by Marjorie Heins
(59) The Arguments Against Pornography by Jim Bramlett
(62) Reflections Of A Feminist Porn Star by Nina Hartley
(69) Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout Suffering by Rhonda Nettles
(72) “Omaha” The Cat Dancer by  Kate Worley
(78) Pornography’s Victims by Phyllis Schlafly
(82) Porn: The Patient Prostitute by Bob Fahey Jr.
(84) I Fought The Law… And The Law Lost by J. L. Wahl
(90) The Wit And Wisdom Of Al Goldstein by Don Vaughan
(96) Pornography: A Poisonous Tentacle by J. Marshall Newton
(99) An Interview With Candida Royalle by Don Vaughan
(108) The Crockless Panters Of Utah by Ken Rand
(111) Billy Bear’s Take On The Bundy Affair by Joseph P. Cunningham
(114) F.O.X.E. On The F.E.B.A.  by Joseph P. Cunningham
(118) Sex, Smears, And Feminists by Bobby Lilly
(123) Interview With Annie Sprinkle by David Aaron Clark
(131) Adult Cinema 101: XXX’s Top 10 by Randy Lee Payton
(134) Madt Marx by Russ Miller
(136) The Mastur Race: Dian Hanson interview by Mark Kramer
(140) Adult Video News To The Media: Shove It! by Mark Kernes
(145) Fetish by Andrew Wahl
(146) The Chilling Effect On Corporate Extortion On The Arts by Ed Cafasso
(155) Megaton Man Is On Patrol! by Don Simpson
(163) Gary Groth On The Complete Crumb: Where’s A Good Censor When You Really Need One? by Steve Ringgenberg
(167) Do You Believe In Magic… Johnson That is? by Mark Di lonno
(170) Those That Devour Children: A Visit With H. R. Giger by Steven Johnson
(175) The History Of The World And My “Stinking Ass” by Adam Alexander
(178) Lie Down With Us by Thomas Tessier

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Writer: Vern L. Bullough
Title: The History of Prostitution
Language: English
Place of Publication: New Hyde Park, New York
Publisher: University Books
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 156x238mm
Pages:ix+304;Notes, 263; Appendix I, 287; Appendix II, 293; Index, 297
Illustrations: 2 single colour (dust jacket)
Binding: Purple cloth in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 744gr.
Original Price: USD 7.50
Entry No.: 2011014
Entry Date: 12th July 2011

Prostitution, like the weather, has often been talked about, but very rarely has any scholar bothered to do any research on the topic. Few serious studies on prostitution have been undertaken by social scientists over the past fifty years. Although an occasional sociologist, psychiatrist, or anthropologist has concerned himself, the historian has totally neglected the subject. As a result this book is the first attempt at a serious history of prostitution in English in this century. Despite a lack of historical monographs, there is both a demand and a need for studies on the topic. This is evidenced by the fact that bookstores still sell and libraries still stock the work of the American, W.W. Sanger, who wrote before the Civil War. Despite its inadequacies the Sanger work has been almost continuously reprinted, without any revision, since it first appeared. Yet Sanger made no real effort to be objective but instead made a plea for the legalization of prostitution.

Dr. Bullough  starts with an all-encompassing definition of prostitution, includes a short discussion on primate behavior, and then carries the story from primitive societies to contemporary times. In each chapter he examines the general attitude of the period toward women, the place of sex in society, and the extent and nature of prostitution. There is a long section on religion in which Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian and Taoist ideas on sex and prostitution are examined. From such an examination it becomes apparent that while some religions have condemned prostitution and others have condoned it, the prostitute has continued to exist. Perhaps somewhat surprising is the large number of religious writers who in the past have encouraged prostitution. In the concluding section the author discusses the various psychological and sociological explanations of prostitution, summarizes the appearance of the prostitute and prostitution in today’s world. From the last chapters it appears that it is not only historians who have neglected the study of prostitution, but other students of social sciences  as well. As a result the author argues that his study cannot be conceived of as a definitive monograph on prostitution, but rather as laying the foundation for future studies by other scholars. To assist such research the book is well footnoted and indexed, and includes two appendices, one a bibliographical guide to reference works in the field, and the second a list  of euphemisms for prostitute and prostitution which the author encountered in his studies.

The author, Dr. Vern L. Bullough, is a historian who has specialized in the history of medicine and of science. He has published numerous articles primarily on medical history, in various learned journals. He was assisted in his researches by his wife, Bonnie L. Bullough.