Monday, 3 January 2011


“Five persons were ordered, February 16, to stand trial on charges of conspiracy to publish and distribute obscene literature. Superior Court Judge Walter Evans dismissed similar and related charges against 10 others who were indicted at the same time as those who face trial.

The five ordered to appear are: Milton Luros, described by one prosecutor as “king of the girlie magazines”; his wife, Beatrice; and three others, Mel Friedman, Walter H. Lonsdale and Paul Wisner. The charges against the five center around eight paperback books allegedly dealing with sex aberrations.

Smut charges relating to the same books were dismissed against Sam Mervin, James Smith, Gil Porter, and Richard Geis. Smut charges involving girlie and nudist magazines were dismissed Tuesday against the nine plus these six: Elmer A. Batters, Bernard Ambramson, Stanley Sohler, James and Darlene Rutherford and Wayne Wallace.

Later the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to instruct County Counsel Harold W. Kennedy to confer with Dist. Atty. Evelle J. Younger to determine if further action can be taken. The motion, by Superintendent Warren M. Dorn, also asked the County Commission Against Indecent Literature to study the dismissal ruling for possible further action.”

(Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times, February 17, 1965 and published in The Nudist Newsletter
#158/1965. the Official Bulletin of the American Health Alliance)

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