Thursday, 13 January 2011


ISBN-13: 978-0-7377-0351-1
Editor: Mary E. Williams
Τitle: Sex
Series: Opposing Viewpoints
Series Editors: David L. Bender & Bruno Leone
Language: English
Place of Publication: San Diego, CA
Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Inc.
Year of Publication: 2000
Format: 136x214mm (trimmed)
Pages: 218 printed on alkaline paper;periodical bibliography, 202; organizations to contact, 204; bibliography of books, 209; index, 213
Illustrations: 7 single colour sketches and 1 table
Front Cover Photo: John Foxx Images/Planet Art
Binding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Weight: 260gr.
Original price: USD 19.95
Entry No.: 2009064
Entry Date: 23rd November 2009


Those who do not know their opponent’s arguments do not completely understand their own.

This book is one volume of the highly acclaimed opposing viewpoints series developed by Greenhaven Press.

“Each volume in the Opposing Viewpoints Series could serve as a model… not only providing access to a wide diversity of opinions, but also stimulating readers to do further research for group discussion and individual interest. Both shrill and moderate, the selections –by experts, policy makers, and concerned citizens –include complete articles and speeches, long books excerpts, and occasional cartoons and boxed quotations… all up to date and fully documented. The editing is intelligent and unobtrusive, organizing the material around substantive issues within the general debate. Brief introductions to each section and to each reading focus the questions raised and offer  no slick answers.”

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