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ISBN-13: 978-1-59420-114-1
Writer: Pamela Druckerman
Title: Lust in Translation
Subtitle:The Rules of  Infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: The Penguin Press
Year of Publication: 2007
Format: 156x234mm
Pages: 291; Bibliography, 283
Illustrations: one black and white of the writer on the back flap by Dietlind Lerner
Cover design: Darren Haggar
Cover Photograph: Lisa Metzger/Workbook Stock/Jupiterimages
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Original Price: USD 24.95 / CAD 31.00
Weight: 519gr.
Entry No.: 2013017
Entry Date: 29th May 2013


An irreverent and hilarious journey around the world to examine how and why people cheat on their spouses, this global look at infidelity reveals that Americans are uniquely mixed up about being faithful.

It's an adulterous world out there, Russian husbands nand wives don't believe that beach-resort flings violate their marital laws. Japanese businessmen, armed with the aphorism “If you pay, it's not cheating,” flock to sex clubs, where the extramarital services include “getting oral sex without showering first”. South Africans may be masters of creative accounting: Pollsters there had to create separate categories for men who cheat and men who cheat only while drunk.

In America, however, there is never a free pass when it comes to infidelity. According to oour national moral compass, cheating is abominable no matter what the circumstances. But do we actually behave differently than everyone else? Pamela Druckerman, a former foreign correspondent for Wall Street Journal, decided to delve into this taboo topic. She interviews peopel all over the world, from retirees in South Florida to Muslim polygamists in Indonesia; from Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn to the men who keep tier mistresses in a “concubine village” outside Hong Kong. Druckerman talks to psychologists, sex researchers, marriage counselors, and, most of all, cheaters and the people they've cheated on, and concludes that Americans are the least adept at having affairs, have the most trouble enjoying them, and suffer the most in their aftermath.

Lust in Translation is a voyeuristic, statistics-packed, sometimes shocking, often hysterical glimpse into the endlessly intriguing world of extramarital sex. It may be politically incorrect to say so, but who knew infidelity could be this fascinating?

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-919028-41-8
Writer: Patricia Anderson
Title: Passion Lost
Subtitle: Public Sex, Private Desire in the Twentieth Century
Language: English

Place of Publication: Toronto
Publisher: Thomas Allen Publishers
Year of Publication: 2001
Format: 154x228mm (trimmed)
Pages: xi+271; Notes, 233; Index, 267
Illustrations: one black and white of the writer on the back flap by Tamara Roberts
Cover design: Gordon Robertson
Cover Photograph: Edward Holub

Binding: Paperback in dutone printed wrappers

Original Price: CAD 24.95
Weight: 389gr.
Entry No.: 2013016
Entry Date: 28th May 2013


While sex has been historically a private matter, in the twentieth century it became a public obsession. Beginning in the early 1900s, people widely felt that increased openness about sex was the key to personal fulfillment nad happy relations. Yet this emphasis on the physical has eroded our understanding of the emotional and spiritual dimensions of intimacy. Today, sex has saturated contemporary life through television, movies, books, magazines, videos, tabloids, advertising and the Internet. Meanwhile, desensitization and sexual dysfunction, obsession with body image, short-lived commitments, and high divorce rates are signs that our deepest private desires remain unfulfilled.

We yearn for true connection with the romantic other, and our growing malaise has given rise to nostalgic myths of golden times that never really existed. Patricia Anderson's Passion Lost, a lively history of sexual mores
– from the burgeoning sexual concerns of the twentieth century's early years, the changing morality of the 1920s and 1930s, the liberties of wartime, and the 1950s'veneer of rectitude, to the freedoms of the following decades– examines those myths and paints a compelling new portrait that illustrates how deeply the present is rooted in the past, and how our quest for intimacy has bee hijacked by our public obsession with sex. By guiding us through the landscape of emotional and sexual development in the twentieth century, Patricia Anderson gives fresh meaning to the role of passion in our culture and new hope for the future of relationships.

Friday, 17 May 2013



ISBN-13: 978-960-2192177
Eπιμελητής: Philippe Di Folco
Τίτλος: Λεξικό της Πορνογραφίας
Ξενόγλωσσος τίτλος: Dictionaire de la pornographie
Μεταφραστής: Γιάννης Κουκιάς
Τόπος έκδοσης: Αθήνα
Εκδότης: Καλέντης
Έτος έκδοσης: 11/2012
Αριθμός σελίδων: 795
Βιβλιοδεσία: σκληρό εξώφυλλο
Tιμή: €39,00
Αριθμός εισαγωγής: σε παραγγελία
Ημερομηνία εισαγωγής:
βεξάμηνο 2013


Τα όρια της πορνογραφίας -αναπαράστασης του αγοραίου έρωτα στους αρχαίους Έλληνες- αλλάζουν ασταμάτητα. Παραπέμποντας τους μεν σε ό,τι το πιο σιχαμερό και αισχρό συνεπάγεται η ικανοποίηση των σεξουαλικών ηδονών, παρέχοντας στους άλλους τη δυνατότητα να χαρούν το θέαμα αυτών των πολλαπλών σαρκικών απολαύσεων, η πορνογραφία τρέφεται, θα λέγαμε, από τα αισθήματα που προκαλεί, είτε την καταδικάζουμε είτε την υπερασπιζόμαστε.

Τούτο το πρώτο «Λεξικό της πορνογραφίας» δεν αποβλέπει ούτε στον εξωραϊσμό ούτε στον στιγματισμό της τελευταίας. Η μόνη μας φιλοδοξία, ξεκινώντας από θέσεις συχνά αντιθετικές, είναι η καλύτερη γνώση μιας πολιτισμικής πρακτικής που παραμένει ιδιωτική και περιθωριακή, αλλά της οποίας η βιομηχανοποίηση και προβολή από τα Μέσα είναι πρωτόγνωρες στις μέρες μας.

Η πορνογραφία είναι, λοιπόν, ένα αντικείμενο γνώσης, όπως δείχνουν τα 450 λήμματα του ανά χείρας έργου, ακολουθούμενα από παραπομπές σε συναφείς όρους, καθώς και βιβλιογραφικές, φιλμογραφικές και διαδικτυακές αναφορές που επιτρέπουν στον καθένα να συνεχίσει τις προσωπικές του έρευνες. Σε αυτό το πρωτόγνωρο κριτικό έργο, αποτέλεσμα συλλογικής εργασίας μιας διεθνούς ομάδας απαρτιζόμενης από μια εκατοντάδα συγγραφείς, θα βρούμε άρθρα ουσίας και άρθρα σύνθεσης, βιογραφίες και τους αναγκαίους πρακτικούς ορισμούς. Η πολύμορφη πολιτισμική και καλλιτεχνική ιστορία, η πολιτική και ηθική φιλοσοφία, η κοινωνιολογία, η ανθρω-πολογία, η οικονομία, το δίκαιο, η ψυχανάλυση, συνιστούν ισάριθμες αλληλοσυμπληρούμενες μεθόδους προσέγγισης ενός φαινομένου που αφορά όλες τις ανθρώπινες κοινωνίες.

Το «Λεξικό της πορνογραφίας» κυκλοφόρησε στη Γαλλία από τις Γαλλικές Πανεπιστημιακές Εκδόσεις (PUF), φιλοδοξώντας να διευρύνει όλες τις πτυχές του κόσμου μας, και η πορνογραφία αποτελεί, είτε το θέλουμε είτε όχι, μέρος του κόσμου μας και της επικαιρότητάς του.

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Writers: Morris L. Ernst and David Loth
Title: American Sexual Behavior and the Kinsey Report
Foreword: Robert L. Dickinson
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Bantam Books
Year of Publication: 1948
Format: 107x161mm (trimmed)
Pages: xiii+174 printed on newsprιnt
Binding: Paperback in duotone printed covers
Original Price: USD 0.25
Weight: 99gr.
Entry No.: 2013015
Entry Date: 15th May 2013


Until now, sexual behavior in the American male and female has remained an unknown world, hidden behind a veil of superstition and speculation, discussed only in whispers.

Now the facts about the male are available. And here,in this crystal-clear analysis of the Kinsey Report and other authoritative studies, they come alive in all their startling implications for every American man, woman, and child.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


1. I am an adult, 21 years of age, or over.

2. I understand that I have the right, as a law-abiding citizen, to receive for my own private use sexually explicit material.

3. I authorize and request the LIBRARY SERVICE, INC,, to mail the sexually oriented brochures advertising sexually explicit material.

4. I am
not a law enforcement official, postal inspector or member of any censorship group.

5. I have not asked the Post Office Department to "protect" me from receiving sexually oriented advertisemetns or from receiving sexually explicit material. You have my permission to continue to mail to me such advertisements and material until you receive written instructions to the contrary, by registered mail.

DATED: THIS______DAY OF_____, 197___

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Writer: Richard Lewinsohn
Title: A History of Sexual Customs
Translator: Alexander Mayce from the German
Language: English
Edition: First Premier Printing

Place of Publication: Greenwich, Conn.
Publisher: Fawcett Publications, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1961
Format: 107x180mm (trimmed)
Pages: 384 printed on newsprιntBinding: Paperback in colour printed covers
Original Price: USD 0.50
Weight: 212gr.
Entry No.: 2013013
Entry Date: 8th Mayl 2013


“Since social attitudes and legal practice in the sexual sphere have a great deal to do with human happiness, it is hoped that many proper people will permit themselves a look A HISTORY OF SEXUAL CUSTOMS. It is a competent book, written by a man who is at once physician and historian. There is no hidden bias, no gloating or drooling over sexual deviation. The writer seems a sensible person whose only concern is that human beings shall be informed about the endless effort of society to cope with the sexual urge.”

The New York Times

John Dollard, Professor of Psychology and Fellow of Berkeley College at Yale