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ISBN-10: N/A
Writers: William H. Masters & Virginia E. Johnson
Title: Human Sexual Inadequacy
Preface: W.H.M. & V.E.J.
Language: English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: Boston
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Year of Publication: 1970
Format: 160x240mm
Pages:x+467; Bibliography, 393; Index, 451
Illustrations: 10 single colour figures and 12 tables
Jacket Design: Richard Emery based on a design by George Price
Binding: Cloth in colour dust jacket
Weight: 1,012gr.
Original Price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2011012
Entry Date: 1st June 2011

The innovative program described in this remarkable book revolutionizes the treatment of sexual dysfunction. During eleven years of daily clinical work, more than five hundred couples have been treated at Masters and Johnson’s Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in St. Louis. Here the marriage relationship itself is the patient. The authors stress that there is no uninvolved partner when sex is a problem. Therefore, they treat both partners even if only one appears to be sexually dysfunctional. And their therapy techniques have proved successful in 80 percent of all cases treated.

The key to this unprecedented record is the role of the dual therapy team; Masters and Johnson have found that it takes both a man and a woman therapist to treat a couple effectively. The dual therapy team acts as a catalyst, encouraging communication between partners when none has existed before. They use both physiological and psychological methods of treating impotence, premature ejaculatory incompetence, premature ejaculation, orgasmic dysfunction in women, vaginismus, and painful intercourse. Basic to all treatment techniques is the premise that attitudes and ignorance rather than any mental or physical illness are responsible for most sexual problems. The two-week rapid-therapy program developed by Masters and Johnson includes both counseling and specific instructions for patients to follow in privacy. All results of success or failure reported in HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY are substantiated by a unique five-year patient follow-up program.

The concept and format of the therapy program are examined in detail in the first two chapters of the book. Included are discussions of the qualifications for cotherapists and accounts of history-taking techniques and roundtable talks held by the cotherapists and the couple. A full description follows of the instructions given by the therapists to effect psychosexual reorientation of the marital partners. Analysis of each type of dysfunction, its progression and manifestations, accompanies the important step-by-step explanation of practical treatment methods. Chapters on sexual function and dysfunction of the geriatric population explain how the aging male and female can function sexually even in their eighties if they learn to adjust their sexual activities to the natural changes of aging. Program statistics and a critical review of treatment failures conclude this landmark book.

Masters and Johnson estimate that one-half of the marriages in the United States are threatened by sexual dysfunction. The exceptionally clear account of their major breakthrough in therapy is a long-needed and invaluable guide to clinical counseling and treatment. In addition, it provides an excellent basis for training programs for professional therapists. HUMAN SEXUAL INADEQUACY, essential reading for all health professionals, introduces a new era in the effective treatment of sexual dysfunction.


ISBN-10: N/A
Writer: Alfredo Ratherman
Title: What You Always Wanted To Know About Sex Watchers But Were Afraid To Ask
Language: English
Place of Publication: Wilmington, DE
Publisher: Eros Publishing Co., Inc.
Year of Publication: 1972
Format: 109x170mm (trimmed)
Pages:263 single colour
Illustrations: 105 black and white sexually explicit plates and pictures
Binding: Paperback  in duotone wrappers
Weight: 202gr.
Original Price: USD 2.95
Entry No.: 2011013
Entry Date: 1st June 2011

In this photo-documented book, Dr. Alfred Ratherman, Ph.D., examines the phenomena of  the Peeping Toms and Tomasinas in today’s culture.  Dr. Ratherman employes his usual no-holds-barred style of candor that spells out clearly the distinction between sexual pathology and “normal voyeuristic viewing patterns”.  Dr. Ratherman demonstrates to what extent cultural and socioeconomic influences play in the development of the voyeur.

At what point does ogling a good-looking girl stop being a pleasure and become a perversion? How much visual tittilation prior to the sex act is normal, and when does it become abnormal? These and many other questions are answered by Dr. Ratherman.

These are just a few of the correlations Dr. Ratherman brings into sharp focus. In this book he gives straight-forward answers, explain in full… What You Always Wanted to Know About Sex Watchers –But Were Afraid to Ask.