Thursday, 27 January 2011


ISBN-13: 978-0-233-99182-4
Writer: Erica Roe
Title: Oh I Say!
Subtitle: The Bare Faced Cheek of Life
Foreword: Erica Roe
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Chameleon Books
Year of Publication: 1997
Format: 208x210mm (trimmed)
Pages: 112
Illustrations: 59 colour and black & white plates and pictures by 14 photographers and agencies
Front Cover Photo: Gary M. Prior
Jacket Design: Generation Studio
Binding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Weight: 355gr.
Original price: GBP 7.99


“Oh, I Say!” examines the streaking phenomenon and those who have found it necessary to bare their bits for the cause

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