Monday, 15 November 2010


ISBN-13: N/A
Writers: William & Jerrye Breedlove
Title: Swap Clubs
Subtitle: A Study in Contemporary Sexual Mores
Language: English
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, Calif.
Publisher: Sherbourne Press
Year of Publication: 1964
Format: 140x210mm
Pages: 256
Binding: Boards in duotone dust cover
Weight: 403gr.
Entry No.: 2010026
Entry Date: 15th November 2010


The tabloids and expose-type magazines are no longer alone in reporting activities of swap clubs –groups of married people who actively switch mates for a night or weekend –as a matter of course. Staid, conservative journals are joining the reportage of a phenomenon that appears to be sweeping the country in the form of a “Sexual Underground.” Who are the Swappers? Where do they live? What do they do? As soon as these questions are raised and answered in one part of the country, they are proposed and answered differently in another region.

The truth is, none of the answers are wrong.

Swap Clubs are active in every known region of the United States. We can no longer pass them off as sport or pastimes of the idle rich, nor bored suburbanites. Swap clubs exist in the big cities, the suburban areas and even in farm belts. Amazingly enough, there is a relatively low percentage of divorce, a high incidence of middle to upper bracket incomes, strong evidence of religious and moral upbringing and a constructive attitude toward higher education.

Indeed, the educational and job levels of The Swinging Set must stagger the imagination.

What do these people do?

How do they meet?

How do they cope with “unwanted pregnancy”?

What is their attitude to alcohol and narcotics?

Are they all atheists?

Is this the beginning of a movement to overthrow contemporary morality and institute a new, godless, amoral society?

These questions are all probed and answered in detail in this book, a virtual Who’s Who of mate swapping. The Swapper’s own code of ethics is explained along with what they hope to accomplish in the way of sexual freedom for themselves and their children.

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