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ISBN-10: 0-06-090253-1
Writers: Birgitta Linnér in collaboration with Richard J. Litell
Τitle: Sex and Society in Sweden
Preface: Lester A. Kirkendall
Introduction: Birgitta Linnér
Language: English
Edition: First Harper Colophon Edition
Place of Publication: New York, Evanston, San Francisco, London
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers
Year of Publication: 1972

Format: 132x202mm
Pages: xix+225
Illustrations: 32 black and white plates by Lennart Nilsson, and sketches by Barbro Söderstam & Bertilson
Cover Design: Roger Zimmerman
Binding: Paperback in duotone covers
Weight: 235gr.
Entry No: 2009035
Date of Entry: 26th May 2009


Sex and Society in Sweden gives American readers an opportunity to look at the Swedish way of handling sex problems and teaching about sex in the schools... [The author] writes as a specialist and as a strong partisan of social change, but also as a woman deeply concerned with human relationships and adult responsibilities for children.”
Margaret Mead, Redbook

“This is an authoritative discussion by a lawyer and family life counselor of contemporary Swedish efforts to come to terms with human sexuality and to educate youth about it… Because it is a book that is open, honest, and reliable regarding the real situation in Sweden, it should prove of unusual value and interest to parents and educators everywhere.”
SIECUS Newsletter

“With sex-education programs bursting out all over the United States, this book describing Sweden's 20-year-old state program on sex education is an important guide for parents, teachers, ministers, politicians, and physicians. It is both a ‘how to’ and a ‘what-not-to-do’ book, covering Sweden's successes and failures.”
John C. Devlin, New York Times

Sex and Society in Sweden presents a vision, a blueprint, and a reality… The books merits serious attention by anyone who, like Mrs. Linnér, dreams of a world in which men and women share life to the full, and in which they do not have to cross a field that is mined with guilt, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and venereal disease in order to reach the garden of Eden.”
George Krupp, Saturday Review

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