Friday, 26 November 2010


ISBN-10: 0-87975-182-7
Editors: David Copp and Susan Wendell
Τitle: Pornography And Censorship
Preface: David Copp and Susan Wendell
Language: English

Place of Publication: Buffalo, N.Y.
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Year of Publication: 1983
Format: 153x227x30mm

Pages: 414
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 626gr.
Entry No.: 2009054
Entry Date: 8th September 2009


Included in this comprehensive volume are empirical studies, legal cases, and philosophical essays that discuss the ethical, political, and legal issues with respect to the pornography/censorship controversy and assess the impact of empirical research on these issues. The interdisciplinary nature of Pornography and Censorship reflects the editors' conviction that wise decision-making on public issues requires empirical knowledge, philosophical clarity, and an understanding of the difficulties associated with formulating principles that can be applied in the law.

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