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Title: Sex and the Law
Genre: Documentary, black and white
Language: English (dubbed)
Country of Origin: Denmark
Format: NTSC, DVD
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Narrator: Young female brunette unidentified
Film Director: N/A
Region: 1
No. of Discs: 1
Classification: Unrated
Film Year: 1970
DVD Year: 2004
Running Time: 0:56:13
Product Code: 3558
Entry No.: 2009007
Entry Date: 6th July 2009


From the burgeoning Age of Sexuality in Denmark comes Sex and the Law, an off shoot of the white-coater genre, in which sex and nudity were snuck past the censor by having presented in the form of a serious, sociological documentary.

“Mother of two gets suspended in pornography case,” a news bulletin announces, as we see shots of middle-aged men peering into the windows of porno shops. The unnamed mother at the center of said scandal is a wholesome looking, Mary Tyler Moore-type, who addresses the camera as she contemplates the current state of pornography in Denmark in Denmark, and the ill-defined laws which govern its availability. (And whoever dubbed her voice for American audiences must have had their location bearings right off, as she speaks with an undeniably Irish accent).

The first stop on our little travelogue of filth is a visit to the numerous local porno shops, where suspicious men duck in and out –trying not to look suspicious –as our host claims, “I like a man who likes sex!” And for the pervert who feels too self-conscious about going into an adult shop, special slot machines are lined up on the streets which dispense adult magazines in exchange for a few coins. This is followed by some street vox-pops with local citizens, who air their views on sexuality: “Well, it’s more for old people,” and “I’ve never been married but I never thought it would be like that,” are just some of the profound comments which are offered up by the Danish elite.

“What is perversion?” is the next question to be asked, as the thin line between art and porn is dissected with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Man’s fixation on black stockings is looked at, and our host –who apparently has spent some as a school counselor (!) –comes down hard on the parents of a boy who punished him for masturbating: “The boy’s parents are worse than criminals!”

The most entertaining moments of Sex and the Law are those which take place on the set of a porno-magazine photo shoot. Max, the director of the shoot (who recently got six months as a result of his occupation) directs the writhing naked bodies in the small cellar, while quick cuts of the finished photos flash in front of the screen. We also see the female model at home having dinner with her husband and two children, while the male model claims that the only reason he’s in the business is to pay his taxes!

“From the cradle to the grave, we need love.” These words of wisdom from our host are proceeded by shots of a man and woman meeting on the street and locking eyes in a puppy-dog fashion” “All the first stirrings of romance!” As our happy couple jump into a car and head out for a picnic, the film turns to color, and a glance through a porno magazine somehow compels them to declare their undying love for each other.

So you see, pornography does have a positive influence on people’s lives!
John Harrison, The Graveyard Tramp

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