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ISBN-10: 0-87477-030-X
Writers: Jordan and Margaret Paul
Title: Free To love
Subtitle: Creating and Sustaining Intimacy in Marriage
Language: English
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, CA
Publisher: J.P. Tarcher, Inc.
Distributor: Hawthonr Books of New York
Year of Publication: 1975
Format: 130x210mm
Pages: x+145
Illustrations: six single colour of the writers on back dust jacket
Binding: cloth spine and yellow boards in duotone dust jacket designed by Dave McMaken
Original Price: USD6.95
Entry No: 2015009
Entry Date: 26th February 2015


(From the Foreword)  "Married couples don't usually share their realtionships with others, but as marriage counselors we listen daily to what other couples have to say. We have seen how their rewards and difficulties are in large part similar to one another's and to our own, and have discovered how helpful it can be when we openly share our marital experiences with them. And we have found ways to work on our conflicts and maintain our in-love feelings for each other, we believe we have found ways to help others do the same."

The focus of FREE TO LOVE is on creating and sustaining intimacy in marriage. Rather than discussing intimacy in the abstract, the Pauls share intimate moments from their own marriage in a series of dramatic pieces delaing with taking and sharing responsibility, controversies over finances and friends, the effect of children on their relationship, the struglle to control one another's behavior, sexual frustrations and satisfactions, mutual respect and self-respect.

In each piece they reveal thoughts and feelings that most husbands and wives keep to themselves and which, unshared and unresolved, destroy the intimate communication which could enrich and sustain a relationship.

The Pauls deal with their experiences with simplicity and extraordinary frankness. Their struggle to make their relationship work creates an exciting potential for any two people living together inside marriage or out.

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