Tuesday, 17 February 2015


ISBN-10: 0-85149-140-6
Writer: Henry J. Sackerman
Title: The Westbank Group
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Arlington Books (Publishers) Ltd
Year of Publication: 1971
Format: 133x224mm
Pages: 245
Binding: red boards in colour dust jacket
Original Price: GBP2.00
Entry No: 2015006
Entry Date: 17th February 2015


What happens when seven hip young men and women decide to marry - really  marry - each other?

What is it like to have three wives?

What is it like to have four husbands?

The Westbank Group finds out.

It's all legal, all very real, and it begins when Paul kramcheck attends a lecture on group marriage and discovers that the Charles S. Maywood Foundation of Illinois is willing to sponsor such a venture sicne it feels that monogamy in modern America is a failure.

Paull accepts the idea enthusiastically and he nad his gpretty blonde girlfriend, Carol, set out to do some serious recruiting. The first addition to their menage is Paul's best frend Mike Wolf.

Mike is an easy covert,  but he is in love with Nada, who is willing... but only if Bill will come along. Bill is fond enough of Nada, but he doesn't think much of the idea of marrying six other people. The only way to persuade him is to introduce him to the pleasures of group sex in a campaign of seduction worked out by the Maywood Foundation's resident psychologist.

From this point on, the action becomes complex, involving the reader in an experience unique in modern fiction.

This American bestseller reveals the conflict of the future as it deals with life in a seven-person household. What, for instance, will be done about children? What about earning a living?  What about the possibility that two of the partners might fall conventionally in love and want to be alone now and then or have exclusive rights to each other?  These are all faced and all answered by the Westbank Group in a marriage that is filled with the rapture of a multi-faceted love.

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