Tuesday, 10 March 2015


ISBN-13: 978-0-75351135-0
Writer: Ashley Lister
Title: Swingers
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Virgin Books
Year of Publication: 2006
Format: 130x195mm (trimmed)
Pages: 249
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrapers; images by Getty/Virgin Books
Original Price: GBP7.99 / USD12.95 / CAD17.95 RPR
Entry No: 2015011
Entry Date: 10th March 2015


Swinging, swapping, dogging, threesomes, soft-swaps, group sex and full-blown orgies. Everybody has heard about them. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who was rumoured to... But who is really doing it? How? Where? Wgy? What's like? And what really happens?

Frank and Eve regularly frequent the dogging circuits where she accepts up to a dozen different men in a single night. Roger and Sonia spend Saturday evenings having sex in their lounge while their friends sit by and watch. Grace and Harry own a large estate and host bacchanal swinging parties for up to a hundred couples at a time/ Ken makes himself available as the other man for those partners who want to experience a MFM threesome. Artur sits in the room below his wife Betty and listens as she takes lover after lover after lover.

Ashley Lister, a freelance writer, author and reporter, has met countless singles, couples and triples involved in the UK's recreational sex scene.Meeting people who have turned their fantasy into reality, he uncovers today's swinging Britain and reveals the sexy, shocking and true secrets of what happens behind closed doors.

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