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ISBN-10: 0-297-776770
Writer: Kenneth Clark
Title: Feminine Beauty
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: George Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd
Year of Publication: 1980
Format: 221x288mm
Pages: 199 printed on heavy coated paper
Illustrations: 135 monochrome illustrations and 40 colour plates
Front Jacket Illustration: Detail from An Allegory of Venus with Time, c.1770, by Giambattista Tiepolo (National Gallery, London
Back Jacket Illustration: Head of Queen Nefertiti, Egyptian, Amarna period, 1373-1357 BC (Cairo Museum, Egypt. Photo Werner Forman)
Binding: boards in colour dust jacket
Original Price: GBP 10.00
Weight: 1,249gr.
Entry No.: 2013044
Entry Date: 1st November 2013


Since the second millennium BC feminine beauty has inspired great art. In a superb and highly informative essay Kenneth Clark demonstrates that while different periods and cultures in the West have held different ideals of the female form, beauty has a timelessness which transcends fashion and environment, and its image can be found in any age. It can be as diverse as a medieval Madonna and a voluptuous nude of the Baroque, an enchantment by Fragonard and the characteristic melancholy of Virginia Woolf or Greta Garbo. Yet, in citing the figures of antiquity – Nefertiti, the Venus of Milo – and  of modern times, Lord Clark reveals the constancy of beauty over four thousand years.

He discusses chronologically, with visual references, the plates he has selected to illustrate his subject, and his perceptive personal commentary is a reminder that he is not only one of Britain's leading art historians but also that he has a rare capacity for communicating his scholarship.

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