Thursday, 31 October 2013


ISBN-13: 978-1-55365-015-7
Writer: Chris Gudgeon
Title: The Naked Truth
Subtitle: The Untold Story of Sex in Canada
Language: English
Place of Publication: Vancouver/Toronto/Berkeley
Publisher: Greystone Books / Douglas & McIntyre Publishing Group
Year of Publication: 2003
Format: 139x215mm (trimmed)
Pages: 223 printed on acid-free paper
Illustrations: 1 black and white map
Cover Design: Peter Cocking
Cover Photo: Alastair Bird Photography
Binding: Paperback in colour printed wrappers
Original Price: CAD 22.95 / USD 14.95
Weight: 279gr.
Entry No.: 2012004
Entry Date: 25th January 2012


[1] Introduction
[9] Bare Essentials
[31] Beginning with a Bang
[50] Dirty Hewers
[75] Busy Little Beavers
[102] Swing Shifts
[131] Bare-Naked Ladies
[160] Porn to be Wild
[186[ Gay ol' Times
[210] Sex on the Beach
[220] Sindex

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