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ISBN-10: 0-394-40947-7
Writers: Ann and Ed Allen
Title: Together Sex
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Grove Press, Inc,
Year of Publication: 1976
Format: 140x215mm
Pages: x+228
Cover Design: Kenneth R. Deardoff
Binding: brown cloth in duotone dust jacket Original Price: USD 8.95
Weight: 430gr.
Entry No.: 2013045
Entry Date: 5th November 2013


Here is the first practical guide to the world of party sex – often calledswingers, although the authors shun this term – which has countless followers across the  country and which has spawned its own magazines, clubs, restaurants, and resorts, as well as its own very special code of behavior.

The authors define
Together Sex asplay-dominated sexual interaction resulting directly from party situations...a game which may promote camaraderie, communication and growth, but which is mostly played for the joy of playing...a game more enjoyable when more friends play and where strangers are welcome. The book places its greatest emphasis on practical advice; it is a manual complete with resources, addresses, and useful tips for obtaining the skills helpful in meeting others: all about the contact magazines, how they work and their value, and how to avoid the dishonest practices; how to write and place and place an ad; how groups operate; how to meet people you will enjoy at socials, bars, and clubs; how to handle the first meeting; how to behave at the party to which you are invited; how to throw your own party.

In addition, the book also focuses which are particularly relevant to the enjoyment of Together Sex. Since Together Sex consists almost entirely of intense personal interpersonal interaction, emotional feelings toward fellow participants take on great importance. The authors discuss such barriers to healthy emotional relating as jealousy and infatuation, how to avoid the
performance trap, how to develop the tolerance which will make possible the greatest enjoyment. A separate reference section provides a list of contacts for further information and assistance; a list of more than 175 clubs, bars, and other associations, arranged by state and province; and a publications directory.

The authors describe themselves as having
shared almost a third of our lives. We have called our relationship by many names. Free marriage, open-ended marriage, intimate network, swingers, multilateral marriage, expanded family, etc.... We couldn't honestly tell you what of any these names precisely means. Recognizing that damn few people enjoy being put into categories, we have refrained from creating a new one. This book is a guide for people who at times enjoy certain types of sexual interaction.Ann and Ed Allen draw on research, interviews, and years of personal experience to develop the first complete picture of this growing phenomenon.

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