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ISBN-10: 0-261-10024-6
Writer: Robert T. Francoeur
Title: Eve's New RibSubtitle: Twenty Faces of Sex, Marriage, and Family
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: MacGibbon & Kee Ltd
Year of Publication: 1972
Format: 138x222mm
Pages: 253
Illustrations: 1 black and white picture of the writer on the back flap
Jacket Design: Hardy/Escasany
Binding: red boards in duotone dust jacket Original Price: GBP 2.25
Weight: 451gr.
Entry No.: 2013046
Entry Date: 7th November 2013


A married couple are both sterile. The wife receives an ovarian transplant and a dozen of the eggs are removed and fertilized in a test tube with her father-in-law's semen, frozen since he died. Because she is prone to miscarriage, the embryo is implanted in her unmarried sister's womb for the rest of pregnancy.
In a situation like this, what do we understand by the terms father, mother, offspring, adultery, incest and virginity? What happens to human values and our traditional concepts of morality? These are the disturbing questions Dr Francoeur asks in Eve's New Rib.

His investigation into the impact of women's liberation, mass communications, and particularly our contraceptive and reproductive technologies, on twenty different patterns of marriage and family life are related to some fascinating, even startling customs of the past, indicating that trial and group marriages, along nwith comarital relations, are not really a new invention.

Dr Francoeur offers a radically new approach to these problems, an approach conceived to help all of us faced with a revolution in human sexuality.

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