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Writer: Albert B. Gerber
Τitle: Sex, Pornography, and Justice
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Lyle Stuart, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1965
Format: 141x210mm
Pages: 349; Bibliography, 333; Table of Cases, 337; Additional Cases, 343; Index, 345
Illustrations: 14 black and white plates and pictures
Binding: Hardbound in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 628gr.
Original Price: USD 10.00
Entry No.: 2009060
Entry Date: 5th November 2009


One of the nation’s foremost authorities on pornography in our law presents in this compact volume the first complete and serious study of the subject from the middle ages (when, surprisingly enough, pornography was not illegal) to today when pornography (many people erroneously believe) seems to be becoming legal.

Albert Gerber, an eminent lawyer and specialist in the subject, presents in these pages the exhibits as they came before the Courts. For many of the items, this is their first publication in the United States. For example, the poem Fifteen Plagues of a Maidenhead, which gave rise to the first obscenity case in our law, is printed in full for the first time in this country.

Many other “forbidden” exhibits appear in this book including the pamphlet involved in the infamous Hicklin case, The Confessional Unmasked, The Sex Side of Life and Nun in Her Smock.

Where the case involves photographs (as in the nudist magazine litigation) the author presents the original pictures unblocked and unretouched.

The same is true with cases which involved so-called sex deviations: homosexual pictures, magazines and the like. (The very issue of the homosexual magazine that went before the United States Supreme Court is represented almost in its entirety.)

This is a complete compendium of material for those seriously interested in the subject. The discussion is totally frank and nothing is barred. Night club acts, poems, pictures and stories are all set forth wherever they are involved in significant legislation.

To the puzzled District Attorneys and prosecutors, bewildered police officials, confused lawyers, disconcerted judges, and all the other perplexed laborers in the labyrinthine jungle called “pornography”, Sex, Pornography and Justice will come as a ray of hope. For it others a sound solution to the riddle without jettisoning the entire doctrine and simply “anything goes”!

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