Friday, 10 December 2010


ISBN-13: 978-0-300-05654-9
Writers: Robert J. Stoller and Ira. S. Levine
Title: Coming Attractions
Subtitle: The Making of an X-Rated Video
Language: English
Place of Publication: New Haven and London
Publisher: Yale University Press
Year of Publication: 1993
Format: 157x240mm
Pages: ix+246; References, 241; Index,243
Jacket Photograph: Richard McNeace
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 543gr.
Entry No.: 2010034
Entry Date: 10th December 2010


What do porn films tell us about our own erotic impulses? What can we learn about our culture’s sexual attitudes, fears, and fantasies from the ways that porn films are designed and produced? In this book, Dr. Robert J. Stoller, one of the world’s leading experts on human sexual behavior, joins with I. S. Levine, a professional writer with logn experience in X-rated video making, to examine the ideas and psychological  makeup of the participants in an adult heterosexual X-rate video, Stairway to Paradise. Their interviews with performers, writers, directors, producers, and technicians provide extraordinary insights into the technical aspects of this type of video, the motivations and backgrounds of the people involved, and the porn industry’s view of the video’s intended audience.

Stoller, Levine, and the porn filmmakers have wide-ranging discussions about the aesthetics, ethics, and etiquette of the porn industry; the hostility that Dr. Stoller claimed underlies all erotic excitement; the liberating –and educational –function of porn in a puritanical culture; the misconceptions of antiporn crusaders; the impact of AIDS on the participants; and the future of the porn film industry. The authors hope that if we understand how and why a pornographic work is created, we will be better able to understand the implications oft the legal and moral issues it raises.

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