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Writer: Anne Lyon Haight
Τitle: Banned Books
Subtitle: Informal Notes on Some Books Banned for Various Reasons at Various Times and in Various Places
Language: English
Edition: Second Edition Revised and Enlarged
Place of Publication: New York

Publisher: R. R. Bowker Company
Year of Publication: 1955
Format: 105x185mm

Pages: xix+172 printed on newsprint; bibliographic check list, 158; index, 163
Binding: Paperback in duotone cover

Weight: 140gr.
Entry No.: 2009053
Entry Date: 8th September 2009


"This book is based on my edition of Banned Books published in 1935, which in turn was based on an exhibition held that same year at the Junior League of the City of New York. This chronological list of books banned from 387 B.C. to 1954 has been compiled with the idea of showing the trend of censorship throughout the years and the change in hought and taste.

Most of the books fall under a ban because of religion, politics or morality, making the offense one of heresy, treason or obscenity. Among them are books which have withstood the condemnation of their times to become the classics of today, as well as many others which have suffered trials and tribulations. There has been no attempt to be al inclusive; I have merely tried to give an outline which I hope any serve as a suggestion to those who may wish to pursue the subject further, for the writings and actions of men have been censored and suppressed since Eve was forbidden to eat the apple,a nd I suppose they always will be.”
Anne Lyon Haight

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