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ISBN-10: 0-17-138014-2
Writer: Wardell B. Pomeroy
Τitle: Dr. Kinsey and the Institute for Sex Research
Preface: Wardell B. Pomeroy
Language English
Edition: First Edition
Place of Publication: London
Publishers: Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
Year of Publication: 1973
Format: 157x237mm
Pages: xii+479; index, 473
Illustrations: 32 black and white plates and pictures by, College News Bureau, Dellenback, Pan American World Airways, and Vories Fisher,
Binding: Boards in duotone dust jacket; back cover photo by The Press Association Ltd.
Weight: 815gr.
Original Price: GBP 4.20
Entry No.: 2009070
Entry Date: 4th January 2010


Alfred Charles Kinsey was one of the most widely known scientists of this century, a household name all over the world.
Many scientists believed that he ranked with Freud, and his two landmark books Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female raised one of the most violent storms since Darwin. Yet it was the supreme paradox of this complicated man that he remained virtually unknown to the public as a human being.

With the publication of this book, the whole story of Kinsey and his controversial career as a pioneer in sex research is available for the first time. Pomeroy follows Kinsey from his childhood in New Jersey to his appointment as biology professor almost accidentally turned marriage-guidance lecturer, and in the process learning how to put strangers at case – experience that later proved invaluable in getting timid volunteers to tell him intimate details of their case histories.

Here are described the interviewing techniques used for his two great books, and his tremendous battles with his critics over their response to their publication. Here are accounts of his valuable research on all levels of American society, from the bars in Time Square to conservative suburban enclaves, from prisoners to high-powered women executives. Here is described the foundation and work of the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, its library and archives (the world’s  largest collection of erotica), its continuing research, and its impact on scientific thought.

That is a fascinating study not only of a great scientist’s career but also of one of this century’s most important scientific surveys and a major contribution to the tolerance that we knew today.

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