Tuesday, 22 October 2013


ISBN-10: 0-451-03896-095
Writer: Robert H. Rimmer
Title: Proposition 31
Subtitle: 19th-Century America
A Word to the Reader: Sylvia MaI
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Signet Books /The New American Library, Inc.
Year of Publicat
tion: 1969
Format: 108x178mm (trimmed)
Pages: 285
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 179gr.
Original Price: USD 0.95
Entry No.: 2013037
Entry Date: 22nd October 2013


VOTE YES for Proposition 31

 Legalized group marriage Guilt-free sex Moral sanity Meaningful mate-sharing Preservation of the family
VOTE NO against
Adultery and divorce Loveless wife-swapping Hypocritical monogamy Sexual inhibitionBefore you go to the polls, read the remarkable story of Nancy and David Herndon and Tanya and Horace Shea two respectable middle-class couples who dare to live and love together freely, in open defiance of outmoded morality. Their courageous experiment in group wedlock will shock, even stun, you. But it may alter forever your thinking on the meaning of marriage and the nature of sexuality.

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