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ISBN-10: 0-87477-059-9
Writers: Emily Coleman & Betty Edwards
Title: Body Liberation
Subtitle: Freeing Your Body for Greater Self-Acceptance,
Health, and Sexual Satisfaction

Language: English
Place of Publication: Los Angeles
Publisher: J.P. Tarcher, Inc.
Year of Publication: 1977
Format: 144x217mm
Pages: 230;  Appendix, 213; Bibliography, 219; Index, 226
Illustrations: N/A
Binding: Green spine cloth and boards in duotone dust jacket
Jacket Design: Tom Gould
Original Price: USD 8.95
Weight: 424gr.
Entry No.: 2012006
Entry Date: 7th March 2012


* Liberating your body will increase your self-acceptance. You can't feel like a worthwhile person if you believe your basic physical being is substandard. Body Liberation will lead you to accept your body as it is and make it easier for you to change your body if you eant to.

* Liberating your body will help you develop better relationships with others. As you learn to  be fully accepting of yuor own physical appearance yuo will expand the range of people you see as attractive and friendly and who see you in the same way.

* Liberating your body will help you achieve better health. As you liberate your body yuo will become more aware of what affects your body, gain clearer knowledge of how to take care of it, and assume greater responsibility for your own well-being.

* LIberating your body will enchance your sex life. As you liberate your body you will gain new freedoms and find new joy in your own and yuor partner's body.

* Liberating your body will help you experience the pleasures of all your senses and lead you to a more playful, spontaneous life.

Liberating your body will liberate you.

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