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ISBN-10: 0-390-43495-7
Editor: James M. Henslin
Title: Studies in the Sociology of Sex
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, N.Y.
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts Educational Division Meredith Corporation
Year of Publication: 1971
Format: 140x210mm
Pages: vi+410
Illustrations: 19 tables and figures
Binding: Brown boards without dust jacket
Original Price: N/A
Weight: 576gr.
Entry No.: 2013003
Entry Date: 6th February 2013



(6) James M. Henslin, The Sociological Point of View
(9) George W. Goethals, Factors Affecting Permissive and Nonpermissive Rules Regarding Premarital Sex
(29) David F. Shore, Sexual Responsiveness in Single Girls
(53) Michael Gordon, From an Unfortunate Necessity to a Cult of Mutual Orgasm: Sex in American Marital Education L:iterature, 1830-1940
(81) Carolyn Symonds, Sexual Mate-Swapping: Violation of Norms and Reconciliation of Guilt
(113) James M. Ηenslin, Criminal Abortion: Making the Decision and Neutralizing the Act
(137) Peter K. Manning, Fixing What You Feared: Notes on the Campus Abortion Search
(169) Duncan Chappell, Gilbert Geis, Stephen Schafer, Larry Siegel, Forcible Rape: A Comparative Study of Offences Known to the Police in Boston and Los Angeles
(193) James M. Henslin, Sex and Cabbies
(225) Marvin Cummins, Police and Petting: Informal Enforcement of Sexual Standards
(243) James M. Henslin, Mae A. Biggs, Dramaturgical Desexualization: The Sociology of the Vaginal Examination
(275) James K. Skipper, Jr., Charles H.ΜcCaghy, Stripteasing: A Sex-Oriented Occupation
(297) Nanette J. Davis, The Prostitute: Developing a Deviant Identity
(325) George L. Kirkham, Homosexuality in Prison
(351) Laud Humphreys, Impersonal Sex and Perceived Satisfaction
(377) Edward Sagarin, Sex Research and Sociology: Retrospective and Prospective
(409) Notes on Contributors

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