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Editors: Ruth and Edward Brecher
An Analysis of Human Sexual Response
Introduction: Ruth and Edward Brecher
Language: English
Edition: Second Impression, May 1967
Place of Publication: London
Andre Deutsch Limited
Year of Publication: 1967
Format: 141x222mm
Pages: xiv+318; Bibliography of Dr. William H. Masters and his Associates, 313
Binding: Green cloth in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 545gr.
Price: 42s
Entry No: 2011019
Entry Date: 25th October 2011


No medical book has caused a greater stir among laymen than Human Sexual Response by Dr William H Masters and Mrs Virginia A. Johnson. It described research which was a landmark in its field: for the first time laboratory study had been made of human beings in sexual action. The physical responses of 382 women and 312 men had been observed and analysed, with findings of the first importance to the understanding of such matters as male and female orgasm, frigidity, impotence, contraception, sterility, sex during pregnancy and sex in middle and old age.

The present book is in four parts. The Work of Masters and Johnson is an easily understood account of the purposes of the research, the way in which the Masters-Johnson team went about it, the problems it encountered, and what its results were; Other Sex Research relates it to the findings of other scientists; Practical Applications of Sex Research deals with its uses in marriage counseling, sex education and the treatment of sex difficulties; and Sex Research and Our Culture presents the pros and cons of such studies in relation to society in general.

Ruth and Edward Brecher and the team of experts assembled by them have produced a book full of information and insights rarely available outside the closed circuit of medical journals. They offer the general reader a sounder and deeper understanding of sexual processes than has ever been available in the past.

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