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Τitle: Evergreen Review, Volume 12, Number 56, July 1968
Publisher: Evergreen Review, Inc., New York
Editor: Barney Rosset
Managing Editor: Fred Jordan
Associate Editors: Donald Allen, Marilynn Meeker, Richard Seaver
Contributing Editors: John Lahr, Jack Newfield
Assistant Editor: Helen Brown
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 210x277mm (trimmed)

Pages: 98 single colour including duotone covers
Illustrations: 90+duotone and black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Scene from Vilgot Sj
öman's I Am Curious -Yellow
Frequency: Monthly
Βinding: Square-bound glued spine
Weight: 244gr.
Single Copy: USD 1.00
Subscription rates (12 issues): USD 9.00  • (24 issues) USD 16.00


(12) Letters to the Editor
(15) The Tattooed Wife by Aki Tanino
(19) I Was Curious by Vilgot Sjöman
(23) Sex and Politics: An Interview with Vilgot Sjöman by John Lahr
(27) Three Poems by Tam Fiofori
(29) Wife in the Saddle by Goffredo Parise
(33)The Theater’s Voluptuary Itch by John Lahr
(35) Psychedelic Burlesque! by Mary Ellen Mark
(45) Al Fatah Speaks: A Conversation with “Abu Amar” by Abdullah Schleifer
(47) Peace is a Duty in the Near east as in Vetnam by Pierre Mendès France
(49) Behold the New Journalism – It’s Coming After You! by Nat Hentoff
(53) The Story by Tom Stoppard
(55) Prick Lore by Edward Field
(57) The Magical Mystery Trip by Timothy Leary
(63) Due Apologies from Behind the Wheel of a Big VS by Jean-Francis Held
(66) Vietnam Déjà Vu: A Film Review of Goddard’s La Chinoise by Lisa Eliscu

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