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ISSN: 1047-4463
ISBN-10: 0-9629659-4-4

Τitle: Gauntlet, Number 5, 1993
Subtitle: Exploring The Limits Of Free Expression
Publisher: Gauntlet, Inc., Springfield, PA
Editor-In-Chief: Barry Hoffman
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A.
Format: 151x234mm (trimmed)

Pages: 192 single colour printed on newsprint excluding colour covers

Illustrations: 197 black and white plates, pictures and cartoons
Front Cover Photo: Jeff Vaughn of Dian Hanson
Frequency: Twice a year (November and May)
Βinding: Paperback in colour wrappers
Weight: 224gr.

Single Copy: USD 9.95 / CAD 11.85
Subscription rates (2 issues): USD 22.00


(5) Editorial Meanderings by Barry Hoffma
(8) Openers
(11) Spike Lee: Bourgeois Boor by Mark Di lonno
(18) Madonna Exposed by David Aaron Clark
(24) Whut’s Smut? by Robert Gregory
(29) What’s Porn To You Is… by Bill Paige
(34) “S” Is For “Stoopid”: A Modest Proposal by John Skipp & Craig Spector
(42) Art, Porn And NC-17 by Skipp & Spector
(44) N.O.E.U. 2088 by Michael Taylor
(46) Above The Law: The Justice Department’s War Against The First Amendment by Marjorie Heins
(59) The Arguments Against Pornography by Jim Bramlett
(62) Reflections Of A Feminist Porn Star by Nina Hartley
(69) Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout Suffering by Rhonda Nettles
(72) “Omaha” The Cat Dancer by  Kate Worley
(78) Pornography’s Victims by Phyllis Schlafly
(82) Porn: The Patient Prostitute by Bob Fahey Jr.
(84) I Fought The Law… And The Law Lost by J. L. Wahl
(90) The Wit And Wisdom Of Al Goldstein by Don Vaughan
(96) Pornography: A Poisonous Tentacle by J. Marshall Newton
(99) An Interview With Candida Royalle by Don Vaughan
(108) The Crockless Panters Of Utah by Ken Rand
(111) Billy Bear’s Take On The Bundy Affair by Joseph P. Cunningham
(114) F.O.X.E. On The F.E.B.A.  by Joseph P. Cunningham
(118) Sex, Smears, And Feminists by Bobby Lilly
(123) Interview With Annie Sprinkle by David Aaron Clark
(131) Adult Cinema 101: XXX’s Top 10 by Randy Lee Payton
(134) Madt Marx by Russ Miller
(136) The Mastur Race: Dian Hanson interview by Mark Kramer
(140) Adult Video News To The Media: Shove It! by Mark Kernes
(145) Fetish by Andrew Wahl
(146) The Chilling Effect On Corporate Extortion On The Arts by Ed Cafasso
(155) Megaton Man Is On Patrol! by Don Simpson
(163) Gary Groth On The Complete Crumb: Where’s A Good Censor When You Really Need One? by Steve Ringgenberg
(167) Do You Believe In Magic… Johnson That is? by Mark Di lonno
(170) Those That Devour Children: A Visit With H. R. Giger by Steven Johnson
(175) The History Of The World And My “Stinking Ass” by Adam Alexander
(178) Lie Down With Us by Thomas Tessier

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