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ISBN-13: 978-1-57392-207-4
Editors: Robert M. Baird & Stuart E. Rosenbaum
Title: Pornography
Subtitle: Private Right nor Public Menace?
Language: English
Series: Contemporary Issues
Edition: Revised Edition
Place of Publication: Amherst, New York

Publisher: Prometheus Books
Year of Publication: 1998 Format: 148x229mm (trimmed)
Pages: 286 printed on acid-free paper in Canada

Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers designed by Emily Egan
Original Price: N/A
Entry Date: 2014036  
Entry Date: 15tht December 2014

What is pornography? Can anything be done about it? should anything be done about it?

The availability of sexually explicit images, products, and services in cyberspace has propelled the pornography debate into new and uncharted territory. Members of Congress and anti-porn activists are lobbying just as hard today against "cyberporn" as they once did against "dirty" magazines. Robert Mapplethorpe's photography, and the rap lyrics of the group 2 Live Crew.

While drawing the battle lines between those who argue in favor of censorship and those who defend free speech, this revised edition of Pornography: Private Right or Public Menace?  takes an in-depth look at pornography and the Internet, and recent attempts to regulate the booming computer sex business. In addition to the Supreme Court decision in Revo v. ACLU and works examining the Communications Decency Act, this collection contains essays on defining pornography and distinguishing it from erotica and artistic expression; investigating evidence concerning the social and psychological effects of pornography: sexism: and women's rights.

Included are selections by Robert Bork, Harry Brod, William F. Buckley Jr., Robert Cannon, F.M. Christensen, Michael Cromartie, Barbara Dority, Andrea Dworkin, Ronald Dworkin, Sen. Jim Exon, Theodore Gracyk, Judith Hill, Peter Johnson, Tim LaHaye, Sen. Pat Leahy, William Linsley, Helen Longino, Rita Manning, Thomas Parker, Jeffrey Rosen, Alan Soble, Gloria Steinem, Mary Jo Weaver and George F. Will.

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