Tuesday, 9 September 2014


ISBN-10: 0-595-00102-5
Writer: Ronald Mazur
Title: The New Intimacy
Subtitle: Open-Ended Marriage and Alternative Lifestyles
Language: English
Place of Publication: San Jose, New York, Lincoln, Shanghai
Publisher: toExcel Press
Year of Publication: 2014
Format: 139x217mm (trimmed)
Pages: 142pp.
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 191gr.
Original Price: USD 11.95 /CAD19.95
Entry Date: 20140239
Entry Date: 9th September 2014


The close of the 20th century has witnessed the minority status of the traditional family in America. On the threshold of a new millennium, now is an opprtunate and urgent time to give voice to the intimacies of alternative lifestyles, including open marriage. Traditional monogamy is still the prize for countless adults searching for meaning and love in theor lives. That search is honored by myraid religious and societal supports. It is to non-traditionalists, to those ready for new life and love affirmations,that this book is offered with joy.

The evolution of human consciousness prepares the way for the unfolding of our universal polyamorous potential. Let the pioneers be unafraid to move beyond the ancient limits of relationships to the new intimacy of responsible erotic freedom. May the new millennium be the end of pleasure-phobia.

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