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ISBN-10: N/A
Writer: Roy Ald
Title: Adultery for Adults
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, Publishers.
Year of Publication: 1969
Format: 140x220mm
Pages: 192pp.
Binding: red boards in duotone dust jacket
Weight: 447gr.
Original Price: clipped
Entry Date: 2014020
Entry Date: 4th September 2014


Boy Loves Girl is a phenomenon as old as human nature, but Boy Lives With Girl, sharing a common domicile without benefit of clergy, is something relatively new, particularly in off-campus college student housing in the United States. The author began his investigations into this matter while preparing an article for a popular national magazine. During the first group of unterviews, however, he discovered that the subject of student cohabitation was linked with a broad spectrum of vital issues of urgent concerm to parents, educators, university administrators and the religious community, asw ell as the general public.

Expanding his investigations, the author spent eighteen months interviewing 136 couples in fourteen colleges in five parts of the United States. He discovered that the couples involced represented all types in the college population, and that the reasons they chose to live together were as varied as the personaities themselves.

Among their reasons for living together, the students listed: the alienation of the student in the multi-versity atmosphere, the conflict of values and the difficulty of communication between students and their parents, the shift from traditional restraints to a more libertarian sex code,  the prohibitive cost of education and housing, a way out of the dating rat race," and a better situation for study.

In the body of the book, twelve couples tell their own stories - how they feel abot their parents, their new sexjual freedom, and the broad sociological impact of their actions. One girl reveals that she is merely tolerating the arrangement until her boyfried is ready to marry her. Another says she proposed the arrangement to a male acquaintance as a mutual act of social orotest and isntrument of change.

This book, with its balanced representation of the forces inherent in the college students' rapid  accommodation to the widespread pattern, serves a timely and valuable purpose. It siphons off the shock value of the material, thereby helping to prevent any prcipitous action. It serves as a guide and provides the basis for an orderly program fo further in-depth studies of student cohabitation by psychologists, sociologists, ministers, university guidance counselors, and administrators in colleges and universities across the nation.

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