Tuesday, 20 August 2013


ISBN-13: 978-0-86288-223-5
Writer: Brenda Love
Title: The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices
Introduction: Michael Perry
Prefae: Brenda Love
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Greenwich Editions
Year of Publication: 2001
Format: 154x240mm
Pages:xiii+336 printed on newsprint; Glossary of Terms, 304; Appenidx of Suppliers, 315; Bibliography, 317; Index, 327
Illustrations: 150+ original single colour sketches
Binding: Hardback in duotone in dust jacket
Original Price: GBP17.99
Weight: 641gr.
Entry No.: 2013022
Entry Date: 20th August 2013


It can be said of very few books that thet are unique. But this one certainly is. Its origigan title, Beyond Fantasy: 500 Unusual Sex Practices has been eclipsed. This encyclopedic work has gone beyond the original 500 listings,beyond the truly bizarre and beyond fantasy to the outskirts of reality itself. It carves a path through sexual history and culture and practices, both local and foreign. It will take you down byways whos existence will amuse and possibly delight you.

The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Praciices is a reference for the seriouss exologist and a genuine curiosity and source of amazement for those interested in sex and all its variations.


(vii) Editorial Board of Advisors
(x) Illustrators
(xi) Introduction
(xiii) Preface
(1) Entries A-Z
(304) Glosaary of Terms
(315) Appendix of Suppliers
(317) Biblography
(327) Index
"(7) Introduction

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