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ISBN-10: 0-385-24412-6
Writers: Steve Chapple and David Talbot
Title: Burning Desires Sex in America
Subtitle: A Report from the Field
Introduction by the writers
Edition: First Edition
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Auckland
Publisher: Doubleday
Year of Publication: 1989
Format: 152x240mm
Illustrations: 3 colour and black and white on front and back flaps by Ruth Bernhard and Kathryn J. MacDonald
Jacket Photograph: Ruth Bernhard
Jacket Design: Carin Goldberg
Binding: Cloth spine and boards in colour dust jacket
Original Price: USD18.95 /CAD24.95
Weight: 722gr.
Entry No.: 2013024
Entry Date: 23rd August 2013


BURNING DESIRES is a rip-roaring odyssey through the sexual wilds of contemporary America –an uncharted territory fraught with danger and excitement. The startling discovery: despite all the premature obituaries, and gloating requiems, sex is not dead. It is being reinvented.

Yes, Virginia, folks are still doing it.

The great showdown between the forces of sexual revolution and counterrevolution is one of the most compelling dramas of our times. BURNING DESIRES chronicles this battle in all its feverish splendor. It’s an eye-popping, coast-to-coast expedition that takes you from the Washington town houses of misbehaving politicians to San Francisco’s first safe-sex orgy; from the Manhattan editing rooms of the new feminist pornographers to a Las Vegas convention of AIDS-haunted swingers: from the Minneapolis clinic for anguished “sex addicts” to the gay discos of Key West.

The cast of characters includes Contra playboy Arturo Cruz, Jr.,a nd his ex-girlfriend Fawn Hall; rock ‘n’ roll purity crusader Tipper Gore and her archenemies the Beastie Boys; Surgeon General C. Everett Koop and the chastity czars of the Reagan Administration; feminist commentators from Shere Hite and Dr. Susan Forward to Erica Jong and Germaine Greer; and those symbols of untamed masculinity poet Robert Bly and writer  Hunter S. Thompson. There’s also a fascinating range of everyday Americans, from adolescents in the throes of sexual awakening to seasoned couples and new parents trying to find ways to “keep the home fires burning.”

BURNING DESIRES is the first major book since Thy Neighbor’s Wife to take a firsthand in-depth look at sexs in America. Not a dry,s statistical survey; not a chirpy manual of sex advice. This is witty, stylish, insightful journalism in the tradition of Gay Talese and Tom Wolfe. Combinng first-rate reporting with lively, graphic storytelling, BURNING DESIRES provides a comprehensive account of the state of desire in America today.

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