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ISBN-10: 0-85533-037-6
Editor:Alex Comfort
Title: More Joy of Sex
Subtitle: A Lovemakers' Companion
Language: English
Place of Publication: London
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley Publishers Limited
Year of Publication: 1973
Format: 182x265mm
Pages: 223;  Resources, 183; Index, 222
Illustrations: 93 single, duotone and colour line drawings by Charles Raymond and Christopher Foss
Binding: Brown boards in single colour dust jacket
Original Price: GBP 6.50
Weight: 955gr.
Entry No.: 2013019
Entry Date: 11th July 2013


We make love for pleasure, or should do–and as we learn to enhance that pleasure with a deepened and less anxious sense of enjoyment, so do we become more fulfilled as we discover new levels of of understanding in our most intimate relationship.

The Joy of Sex, best-selling predecessor of this new volume – also produced under the brilliant editorship of Dr Alex Comfort –totally transformed the diverse and difficult field of sex education. Its informed, compassionate and wholly unselfconscious advice about sexual behaviour and techniques released discussion of the art of lovemaking from the bondage of shame, shyness and mystique where it had for too long dwelt.

More Joy of Sex is a welcome and logical successor to this first volume in Alex Comfort's own words, “If part one was about climbing, this is about mountaineering.” It shows mature adults how, having mastered sexuality and learned to treat it joyfully, they can use it to enlarge themselves as people.

“All sexual behaviour involves relationships and all relationship involves sexuality at some point...”
More Joy of Sex takes experienced and secure couples into the examination of the whole of their relationships, as well as the changing concepts of fidelity in society and sexual openness.

The cultivation of body sensitivity (perhaps the most neglected part of our education) is explored, together with the essence of maleness and femaleness and the differences –some biological, some cultural –in the sexual experiences of men and women.

Other chapters deal with specific problems such as those of the elderly and disabled; with the means available to alter and improve our sex life; with aggression and exhaustion, homosexuality and masochism, sharing and swinging.

Behaviour therapy, psychoanalysis, encounter groups and the distinctive methods employed in sexual therapy are explained and assessed –and those that are confusing or harmful are vigorously debunked.

To those who have read and learned from The Joy of Sex, this book presents a further step towards a sane approach to their sexual relationships; to those who have not More Joy of Sex introduces today's most original and challenging thinking on sex and sexuality.

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