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Τitle: Journal of Communication, Volume 26, Number 4, Winter 1976
Publisher: Annenberg School Press, University of Pennsylvania
Editor: George Gerbner
Language: English

Country of Origin: U.S.A
Format: 173x246mm (trimmed)
Pages: 176 single colour excluding duotone covers
Illustrations: 18 black and white pictures and sketches plus numerous tables
Cover design: Sam Maitin
Frequency: Quarterly
Βinding: Square-bound glued spine
Weight: 279gr.
Single Copy: USD4.00
Subscription rates (4 issues): USD30.00 for Institutions and Individuals including postage by airmail


(5) Intercom
(14) Explicit Sex - Liberation or Exploitation?
(16) Don D. Smith, The Social Content of Pornography
(25) John Stauffer and Richard Frost,  Male and Female Interest in Sexually-Oriented Magazines
(31) John C. Carlin, The Rise and Fall of Topless Radio
(38) Marie Shear, Free Meat Talks Back
(40) Victor Bachy, Danish “Permissiveness” Revisited
(44) Anthony Marc Lewis, The Blind Spot of U.S. Foreign Intelligence
(56) Nathan Maccoby and John W. Farquhar, Bringing the California Health Report Up to Date
(58) Louis B. Schwartz, The Cultural Deficit in Broadcasting
(67) William Witt, Effects of Quantification in Scientific Writing
(70) Joseph R. Dominick and Millard C. Pearce, Trends in Network Prime-Time Programming, 1953-74
(81) T. Harrell Allen, U.S.-Chinese Dialogue, 1969-72
(88) Ronald G. Slaby, Gary R. Quarfoth, and Gene A. McConnachie, Television Violence and Its Sponsors
(97) W. Bernard Lukenbill, Who Writes Children’s Books?
(102) Randall Harrison and Paul Ekman, TV’s Last Frontier: South Africa
(110) Peter Hesbacher, Nancy Clasby,  Bruce Anderson, and David C. Berger, Radio Format Strategies
(120) After Thirty Years – Détente?
(120) Emil Dusicka, Per Egil Hegge, Aleksey N. Burmistenko, Tyge Pendersen, and Seppo Toivonen, An East-West Dialogue on the Peaceful Coexistence of Conflicting Ideologies
(130) Kaarle Nordenstreng and Herbert S Schiller, Helsinki: The New Equation
(135) Information section of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe
(139) Book Reviews

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