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ISBN-10: 0-8096-1853-2
Writer: Helen Colton

Title: Sex after the Sexual Revolution

Introduction: Helen Colton
Language: English
Place of Publication: New York
Publisher: Association Press
Year of Publication: 1972
Format: 138x208mm
Pages: 254
Illustrations: 1 single colour on dust jacket
Jacket Design: Norman Pomerantz
Binding: Yellow boards in duotone dust jacket
Original Price: USD 7.95
Weight: 453gr.
Entry No.: 2013007
Entry Date: 11th March 2013


Ms. Colton's book is dedicated to the proposition that we are not yet human beings, we are only human becomers. The sexual revolution has suddenly confronted us with new knowledge and a new honesty. No longer can sex education consist of a few embarrassed lectures for the awakening adolescent. We must all become both learners and teachers about the meaning of sex at every stage of life. Among the questions Helen Colton helps the reader explore with honesty and courage are:

• the meaning of sexual maturity.
• the cost of being sexually irresponsible.
• group sex and mate-swapping.
• how to talk sex with your children.
• sex problems of the single parent.
• the sensory human of the future.

This is a challenging book. Ms. Colton finds gains in the sexual revolution and he does not hesitate to say so. it is also a rewarding book, for the author believes that sexual freedom –like all freedoms– must enhance rather than demean our essential humanity. In these pages the reader will explore the complexities of sex after the sexual revolution under the guidance of a gifted, articulate and experience counselor in problems of sex and family living.

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