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Title: Sex Freedom in Germany
Genre: Documentary, colour
Language: German & English (dubbed)
Country of Origin: Germany
Format: NTSC
Cast: Sabine Clemens, Jürgen Drews, Otto Mühl, Apocalypse
Narrator: Yes, unidentified male
Camera: Hubs Hagen
Music: Apocalypse
Research Team: Peter Hajek & Joe Hembus
Film Editor: Jutta Brandstaedter

Film Director & Producer: Dieter Geissler (b. 1939- )
Region: 1

No. of Discs: 1
Classification: X rating (MPAA)
Film Year: 1969
DVD Year: 2004
Running Time: 1:19:00
Product Code: 3575
Entry No.: 2009008
Entry Date: 6th July 2009

This German documentary was shot in 1970 but didn't see the light of U.S. projectors until three years later. Fitting, then, it would get released by a company called Sunset International; by 1973, the sun had clearly set on this type of exploitation movie. It didn't matter that the MPAA (¹) slapped it with an X rating (²); the phenomenal success of Deep Throat one year earlier spelled the end for this particular variety of soft sexploitation. It's a shame, because if the very funny and entertaining Sex Freedom in Germany is any indication, the flame under this subgenre was turned off just as things were really beginning to cook.

“What happened to the good old-fashioned German morals?” a narrator asks during the opening credits to the (ear) strains of good old-fashioned krautrock. “No other country in the world goes about their enlightenment on sex so religiously, and dogmatically, amd thoroughly as the Germans!” the narrator boasts, as we slide into a quick look at the career of porn filmmaker OSWALT KOLLE (³), maker of such enlightening films such as Sexual Partnership and Your Husband, The Unknown Creature. Following this is a segment on Beate Uhse, a popular chain store in Germany which appears to be a combination Barnes & Noble and 42nd-Street-style porno palace.

A trip to the prophylactic factory yields big laughs as poorly-dubbed people in white lab coats talk about the new “Anti-Baby Condom,” while a technician inflates a sample until it's practically the size of the Underdog float in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We then travel to a small village in the Bavarian Alps where a hornely married couple perform naked “free jazz” every night in a local pub –with the wife sometimes covered head to toe in black paint! – for the understandably confused locals. Moving on, there's an amusing Christmas Eve visit to a sex commune where, we're told, filming was allowed only after members were provided with “150 liters of liquid green gelatin for their carnal bath.” Naturally, an orgy and impromptu bongo party ensues.

Other highlights include Swedish psychologists DR. EBERHARD and DR. PHYLLIS KRONHAUSEN () who discuss their erotic art exhibition; an interview with a representative of the German Sex Democrats (“We want to bring the entire foreign policy under the auspices and the influence of sex!”); a defrocked priest with homosexual and pedophilic tendencies who counsels young male hustlers; a lesbian couple (“Men are not revolting to me, as long as they leave me alone!”); a whip cracking stripper named Gerta; a transexual barmaid; a performance by the rock band APOCALYPSE; and a loquacious British gigolo who caters to rich, neglected German wives (and apparently saw Alfie too many times for his own good).

And just in case you need to clear a room in a hurry, there's an outrageous piece of performance art by painter OTTO MÜHL () that must be seen to be (dis)believed. (Oh, how I wish I could've been in the MPAA screening room when that scene was shown!)
Chris Poggiali

(¹) Motion Picture Association of America
(²) X rating = no one under 17 admitted

(³) Dr. Eberhard Kronhausen (1915- ), Swedish-American psychologist and writer, and Dr. Phyllis Kronhausen (1929- ), Swedish-American psychologist and writer; both exponents of the Sexual Revolution in the 1960s
() Oswalt Kolle (1928- ), German sex educator and producer of films in the 1960s. His explicit films belonged to “white-coaters” genre.
() Otto Mühl (1925- ), Austrian controversial artist

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