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Title: Cashback
Genre: Comedy, colour, anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1
Language: English
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Location: Pinewood Studios & Sainsbury's Whitchapel, London
Format: DVD, PAL
Cast: Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox, Shaun Evans, Michelle Ryan, Stuart Goodwin, Michael Dixon, Michael Lamboune, Marc Pickering, and 49 other actors
Story: Sean Ellis
Art Director: Emma Jones
Director of Photography: Angus Hudson
Music: Guy Farley
Production Designer: Morgan Kennedy
Editors: Scott Thomas & Carlos Domeque
Line Producer: Marshall Leviten
Associate Producer: Winnie Li
Executive Producers: Daphne Guinness, Vijay Thakur, Peter Hampden & Norman Merry
Director: Sean Ellis
Producer: Lene Bausager
Company: Left Turn Films
Region: 2
No. of Discs: 1
Classification: 18 (contains strong nudity and language), IRL 15+
Film Release Date: 2006 (UK 2/15/2007 at the Glasgow Film Festival), (Greece: 5/31/2007)
DVD Release Year: 2008 The Works UK Distribution Ltd
Running Time: 1:38:48 plus 27mins DVD extras

Product Code: 5050582568325
Entry No.: 2009004
Entry Date: 25th May 2009


After being dumped by his girlfriend (Michelle Ryan), art student Ben Willis (Sean Biggerstaff) develops chronic insomnia. Finding himself with too much time on his hands, Ben begins working the night shift at the local supermarket. There Ben begins to imagine he can freeze time and uses his "ability" to undress and sketch the female customers in the nude.

Ben is occasionally distracted from his fantasy by his unconventional yet hilarious co-workers, who introduce him to their inventive antics of losing time to survive the boredom of the graveyard shift, but it is quiet check-out girl Sharon (Emilia Fox) who catches his attention and she soon becomes the object of his fantasies.

Written and directed by Sean Ellis, Cashback unveils a world where reality and fantasy blur and love and beauty are realised in the most unusual places.

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