Sunday, 9 October 2016


Writer: Roger Blake
Title: Wife Swappers!
Language: English
Introduction: Hugo G. Beigel
First Printing: 1965
Place of Publication: Los Angeles, CA
Publisher: Century Books /K-D-S, a Corporation
Year of Publication: 1965
Format: 110x173mm (trimmed)
Pages: 160
Binding: paperback in colour printed wrappers
Weight: 90gr.
Original Price: USD 0.75
Entry No: 2016001
Entry Date: 7th October 2016


[6] Preface
[10] What and Why
[26] Sharing the Guilt
[49] The Latent Homosexua;l Husband[68] The Latent Lesbian Wife
[93] The Voyeurs and Exhibitionists
[118] Ths Sadistic and Masochistic Partner[130] Group Sex
[144] The Attractiveness of Evil
[150] The Paid Performers

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