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ISSN: 1047-4463
itle: Gauntlet, Volume 1, Number 1 (17) (May, 1999)
Subtitle: Exploring The Limits of Free Expression
Publisher: Gauntlet, Inc., Dept. 17, 309 Powell Rd., Springfield, PA 19064
Editor: Barry Barry Hoffman
Language: English
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Format: 178x280mm (trimmed)
Pages: 112 single colour printed on newsprint
Illustrations: 22 black and white pictures
Cover Illustration: Kavaen Cloake by Justice Howard
Frequency: Twice a year in May and November
Βinding: Saddle-stapled magazine
Weight: 148gr.
Single Copy: USD6.95 / CAD9.95
Subscription rates (2 issues): USD16.00


(6) Barry Hoffman, Editorial Meanderings

(7) Barbara McDonaldOpeners
(10) Ariel Hart, Where Have All The Dirty Dancers Gone?
(14) Susan Presnell,  Response Reports
(16) Jo Weldon, Dancing Into The Millennium - Not: Part I: The Politics of Dancing
(23) Susan Bremer, Rhetorical Rumba
(25) Katherine Frank, Strawberries
(29) Margot Rutman, Debunking Social Stigmas
(33) Don Vaughan, Adult Businesses in Florida From Back: An Interview With Naab Founder Rodney Kay
(39) Charlie Latour, Institutionalized Racism And Exotic Dance Clubs
(42)  David Steinberg, There Once Was A Union Maid...
(46)  David Steinberg, Some Room on Their Own: Dancers Win Claim Against Mitchell Brothers, Organzie in Anchorage
(49) Tim Walker, The Ballad of The Latexed Nipple(52) Russ Kirk, Barnes & Noble Update
(53) Ariel Hart,
Nina Knows...

(56) Nina Hartley
, Support Your Local Strippers(58) Ariel Covington, The Case Against Strip Clubs

(60) Justice Howard
Painted  Ladies

Russ Kirk, NetSpeech98, Part  Two

(73) Del Howison
, Evils & Heroes in The Wilson Mythos
(75) F. Paul Wilson
, The Wringer(95) Roel Torres, "A Lifetime Is A Finite Thing..." An Interview With Neil Gaiman

(100) Dexter Carter
, In The Groove
(105) Adam Groves, Blockbuster Video, Ted Turne And Other Tales Of Terror
(108) Garret Peck, Shadows On The Self: Fiction Reviews

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