Monday, 12 January 2015


ISBN-10: 0-385-15579-4
Writers: Emily Coleman and Betty Edwards
Title: Brief Encounters
Subtitle: How to Make The Most Of Relationships That May Not Last Forever
Language: English
Place of Publication: Garden City, New York
Publisher: Anchor Books/Anchor Press/Doubleday
Year of Publication: 1980
Format: 134x205mm (trimmed)
Pages: viiix+400; Suggested Reading List, 397
Binding: paperback in duotone printed wrappers designed by Patricia Saville Voehl
Original Price: N/A
Entry Date: 2015001
Entry Date: 12th January 2015


“The amount of time people spend together isn't the important thing about a brief encounter – nor where it takes place – nor  nor how long they have known each other. It can take place when people stand together in line for fifteen minutes and never see each other again. It can  take place on a cross-continent airplane ride when seatmates completely lose a sense of time because they are so taken with one another. It can take place when people sitting in the same living room they've shared for twenty years, suddenly see and hear each other for the first time...”

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