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College Students' Perceptions of Women's Verbal and Nonverbal Consent for Sexual Intercourse,” 1998(1)

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Banning Sexual Asymmetry on Campus,” 1998(1)

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— “
Sexological Interviewing Techniques ,” 1998(1)

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The Language of Sex Positivity,” 2000(3)

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Consent for Sexual Behavior in a College Student Population,” 1998(1)
Editorial - Feb. 6, 1999,” 1999(2)
Editorial - July 1, 1999,” 1999(2)
Editorial - Sept. 8, 1999,” 1999(2)
Holiday Editorial,” 1998(1)
—“Opening Editorial: Welcome to EJHS,” 1998(1)
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Condom Use of Female College Students as a Function of Information versus Role Play and Modeling,” 1998(1)

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The History and Future of Sex,” 1999(2)
— “
The Meaning of Sex,” 1998(1)
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A New View of Women's Sexual Problems,” 2000(3)

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— “
Mandatory Celibacy and Sexual Ethics in the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church,” 1999(2)




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